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Billings Heights 59105,Billings Area

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The landmark that seems to stand out most in Billings are the Rimrocks. These sandstone cliffs run along the northern edge of the city and offer spectacular views of the city and the surrounding mountain ranges-the Pryors, Bighorns, Snowys, Crazys and Beartooths. The Black Otter Trail, named after a Crow Indian chief who was buried here, offers a great opportunity for exploring the Rimrocks. Along the trail, you will come across Boothill Cemetery, the site where many residents of Coulson are buried. Coulson was a rough Old West town in the 1800s and outlaws and violence was commonplace. Muggins Taylor, the army scout who spread news of Custer’s defeat, is buried here along with 52 Coulson residents. Yellowstone Kelly’s grave is just west of Boothill Cemetery. Kelly was known for being adventuresome and quite a frontiersman. He spoke both Crow and Sioux languages and guided the army after Custer’s defeat.

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