Museum of Mountain Flying

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Museum of Mountain Flying

59808,Missoula Area

(406) 721-3644
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This museum traces the history of civil aviation in some of the country’s toughest flying environments. It commemorates the legendary “Tall Timber” mountain pilots of the Northern Rockies, along with their great planes and extraordinary exploits in the realm of mercy flights, forest-fire suppression, and back-country cargo delivery. The museum’s mission is to preserve the legends, lore and historical legacy of pilots and other individuals whose pioneering aviation exploits helped bring America’s Rocky Mountain West into the Air Age. They display items related to this region’s mountain-flying history, including, but not limited to, appropriate vintage aircraft, memorabilia, artifacts, historical documents, photographs, personal narrative and diaries, motion-picture footage, tape recordings, newspaper stories, magazine articles, and books. Included in the current collection is a C-45 Twin Beech, a 1941 Stearman, three home buildings, a 1947 Federal flatbed airport truck, a World War II Jeep, a large model aircraft collection, and displays of smokejumper memorabilia, parachutes, and historic photos. The Douglas C-47 that dropped smokejumpers on Montana’s notorious 1949 Mann Gulch fire. Twelve of the jumpers and a wilderness guard perished in the fire which inspired the Norman Maclean book Young Men and Fire.

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