Malmstrom Heritage Center & Air Park

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Malmstrom Heritage Center & Air Park

Malmstrom Air Force Base ,Great Falls Area

(406) 731-2705
General info

This museum portrays the history of the base and the local area relating to aviation. Displays include the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1805, the WWII era with a barracks room and flight line diorama, the Strategic Missile Mission, including a simulated Launch Control Center and Re-entry Vehicle, the Air Defense Mission, and various other base missions or functions. There is a very extensive military model collection.

This is a great museum for aviation buffs. You’ll find a large collection of past and present military aircraft including the F-86A Sabre Jet, F-102A Delta Dagger, a KC-97G Stratotanker, a Minuteman missile, a F-101B/F Voo Doo and more. The museum is open year-round with shortened hours in the winter.

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