Museum of the Yellowstone

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Museum of the Yellowstone

124 Yellowstone Avenue,West Yellowstone 59758,Bozeman Area

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Located in the 1909 Union Pacific Depot, this museum has historic exhibits featuring cowboys, mountain men, Native Americans, and Yellowstone Park. Come face to face with the wildlife of Yellowstone, including bison, elk and the legendary grizzly Old Snaggletooth. Catch their fly-fishing exhibit that chronicles the history of the fly-fishing shops in West Yellowstone. Get derailed in the exhibit on the history of the Union Pacific railroad; complete with models of the train and the Northern and Union Pacific Depots. Transport yourself back to the fires of 1988. Experience the reality of mans struggle to save the famous Old Faithful Inn and the Town of West Yellowstone. Discover how the infernos rejuvenated the ecosystem of Yellowstone National Park and how the beauty still prevails. Shake, rattle, and roll with the quake that rocked the entire Yellowstone area. Can you build a structure to withstand an earthquake? Their earthquake table will give you the answer. Experience the Yellowstone of 1908-1960. With a train whistle, your trip to Wonderland begins. Put on your duster and take a magical tour through the finest souvenirs of yesteryear, including stagecoaches, memorabilia, and historic film footage. An admission is charged.

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