Carter County Museum

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Carter County Museum

306 Main Street,Ekalaka 59324,Southeast Montana

General info

Features dinosaur fossil remains dating back 65 million years ago when many dinosaurs roamed this area. Among the paleontological finds housed within the museum are a mounted skeleton of an Anatotitan Copei, one of three known skeletons found in the world. This giant Duck-billed Dinosaur lived in the Marshlands of Eastern Montana 75 Million years ago; complete skulls of Triceratops horridus (three horns); Pachycephalosaurus wyomingenisi (dome head); and a Nannotyrannus lancensis (tiny Tyrannosaur) all collected in local exposures of the Hell Creek cretaceous formation. The museum is known throughout the country as having one of the best collections of dinosaur bones.

The museum is also a great place to see an extensive collection of Western rifles and firearms, they have a military room, honoring the U.S armed forces, and Indian artifacts, all capturing bits of local history.

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