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General Montana Books
The Ultimate Montana Atlas & Travel Encyclopedia, 3rd Ed.
Michael Dougherty, Heidi Pfeil Dougherty
8 1/2 x 11, 584 pages, b&w photos, maps
List Price:   $29.95

Even the most famous explorers relied on a knowledgeable guide. And nowhere will you find a more knowledgeable guide than The Ultimate Montana Atlas and Travel Encyclopedia. It would require almost a dozen of the top guidebooks on Montana to find the information contained in this single volume—and you still wouldn’t have everything that is in this book!

Montana Places: Exploring Big Sky Country
John B. Wright
List Price:   $15.95 •
Your Price: $11.17

Explored by Lewis and Clark, fought over by American Indians and settlers, mined for gold, cobber, and coal, and eventually abandoned by the industries that made it, Montana has proven itself to be the most resilient of the nation's states. Montana Places explores the dramatic beauty of Little Bighorn Battlefield and the Rocky Mountain Front, as well as the character of small towns, such as Jordan and Harlowton, that have survived economic hardship. Today's Montana is a place where traditional religious groups such as the Hutterites coexist with unorthodox organizations such as the Church Universal and Triumphant, where the descendants of miners live alongside Hollywood celebrities, and where self-proclaimed "freemen" tangle with government environmentalists over control of the land. Beginning where travel guides leave off, Montana Places is certain to provide visitors to the West as well as armchair travelers a rich, fascination look at today's Montana and how it became.

Montana Behind the Scenes
Durrae Johanek, John Johanek
List Price: $12.95

This book looks beyond the glaciers and geysers and delivers the stories behind the incredible people, magnificent sites, and fascinating, intimate history of Montana. The Johaneks relate the stories behind the more obscure, less-hyped things unique to the state including a blend of festivals, unusual museums, nature, history, geology, and a sprinkling of oddities.

Salvatore Vasapolli, Pat Williams
List Price $39.95 •
Your Price: $27.17

Experience the glory and magnificence of the Big Sky State through the dramatic color photography of MONTANA. Noted photographer and longtime Montana resident Salvatore Vasapolli turns his lens on one of the most picturesque states in the country. Travel from spectacular Glacier National Park, through the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, to the grandeur of Custer National Forest and the sheer beauty of Yellowstone National Park. Exquisite photos reveal the state's breathtaking natural beauty in smooth-surfaced lakes, glistening glaciers, towering mountains, and twisting rivers. An essay by former United States Congressman Pat Williams evokes the magnificence of Montana with its open landscapes, untamed wilderness, and friendly people.

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Birds in Place: A Habitat-Based Field Guide to the Birds of the Northern Rockies
Radd Icenoggle
List Price $16.95

This habitat-based guide is written for both novice and long-time birders to use in the Northern Rockies. Color photographs illustrate the species and graphics supply information on seasons, migration, residents. Text includes physical description, mating, nesting and fledging behaviors, and especially in what type of domain to seek each species.

Learning to Talk Bear So Bears Can Listen
by Roland Cheek
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 paperback, 320 pages
An award winning book, currently in its 5th printing!
List Price: $19.95 •
Your Price: $13.97

God’s music is wind soughing through treetops, dove wings whispering at waterholes, the mournful cry of a lost-in-the fog honker. It’s a harmony that became addictive, and carries even into my dotage. Elk music took me to the dance. Bears--particularly grizzly bears--keep me dancing.

Grizzlies, you see, are the Marine Band of the animal world. They swagger with the calm indifference of an animal who knows he has nothing left to prove. So why does this John Philip Sousa of wildlife resonance-an animal who not only fears not, but cares not--receive such a bum rap from the planet’s most fearsome other creatures--us?

Good question; not all grizzly bears are Jeffrey Dahmers in fur coats. Perhaps that’s the why for this book.

The Phantom Ghost of Harriet Lou and Other Elk Stories
by Roland Cheek
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 paperback, 352 pages
Currently in its third printing, second in sales of all Rolands books!
List Price: $19.95

In the beginning there was heaven and earth; and the earth was without form and void and little tow-headed boys wandered around barefoot with hands in pockets because there was nothing upon the land to catch their imagination. And God looked upon His work and saw it was not yet good that no thing existed to challenge those boys. And so an autumn came to pass when eerie whistlings drifted into the valleys from distant mountainsides and the by-then lanky teenage boys threw away their toys and accepted the wapiti challenge that would make them men!

And God and girls saw that it was good.

If you've heard a different version of this story, that's your problem. I heard it but once--this way. And so I became an elk hunter. Then I became infatuated with all creatures, and eventually a believer that God's handiwork is composed of such intricacy that a quest to understand has taken the rest of my life. The Phantom Ghost of Harriet Lou is about that quest.

Chocolate Legs
Sweet Mother Savage Killer?

by Roland Cheek
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 paperback, 320 pages
Reprinted within three months of release!
List Price: $19.95

Her story begins as an Ursid Shirley Temple, a cute blond phenom amid the real-live Shangri la of Glacier National Park's most scenic mountain valley. In time, however, the curtsying knockout zoomed to Princess-sized celebrity, demanding more than admiring glances and flashing bulbs of paparazzi cameras. It was those outsized demands and an ever growing haughtiness that attracted official attention.

Chocolate Legs is an investigative journey into the controversial life and death of one of the best known grizzly bears in the world; by a long-time journalist who has lived (and sometimes brushed near death) with the bears.

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The Best Work is Done at the Office
by Roland Cheek
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 paperback, 320 pages
List Price: $19.95

Roland Cheek's popular stories of low chuckles and high adventures got their start around wilderness campfires, far from bierstube and beltway. The best of those riveting tales of wild people, wild places, and wild things eventually made their way into newspaper columns and radio scripts. As a result, Roland's audience exploded from a handful of campfire gatherers to a coast-to-coast mushroom cloud numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Now there's a book composed of the choicest of those stories. My Best Work is Done at the Office is the one for which readers and listeners all over America have repeatedly asked. Now you can see for yourself why Roland Cheek is widely known as America's Rocky Mountain Sage; why his tongue-in-cheek wit is so irreverent, but so relevant; and why fans re-read old newspapers for his columns.

Dance on the Wild Side
A True Story of Love Between Man and Woman and Wilderness
by Roland Cheek and Jane Cheek
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 paperback, 362 pages
Of the books he's written, this is Rolands favorite!
List Price: $19.95

When Two People Who Live and Love Make a Life, Instead of Just a Living

It was her idea to compete in a man's world "Competing in a man's world" is the way my wife Jane refers to her growing involvement and enchantment in outdoors adventure. That concept infuriates me. I understand that people must struggle with everyday problems and relationships. I realize love must be learned and earned, and that it can be lost through mistakes or choices made throughtout life. Some might applaud the thought of a lady determined to become her "own woman" in a man's world. Not me. What bothers me is not that my petite wife of more than four decades wants to compete in outdoors proficiency, but where in the hell does she--or anyone else--get the idea that all in nature belongs to men?

This book, then, is about two people in love sharing a life of exciting adventure and growing in the process. In reality it's about everyone over forty who has lived and loved and struggled together toward a common dream. What makes this particular book's storyline remarkable is how many times these people fell on their butts while doing it.

Direct from
Ultimate Press

Roadside Geology of Montana
David Alt, Donald W. Hyndman
List Price: $20.00

In this guide, you will learn why underground coal fires have played a prominent role in shaping the surface topography and nature of the overlying strata in parts of eastern Montana. You will learn why widespread dryland farming in the early 20th century often caused devistating salinization of the soil. Filled with numerous photos and illustrations, the past and present of Montana's geology is at your fingertips. From the sedimentation, coal formation and general uplift of eastern and central Montana, to the dominant influence of tectonic and igneous events in the western region, to the recent effects of glaciation in the northern regions, Alt and Hyndman provide you with a detailed description and explanation.

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Montana Wildlife Portfolio
Donald Jones
List Price: $24.95 •
Your Price: $17.46

This is a very fine collection of non-digitized, unretouched photos of truly free-roaming wild animals found in Montana. Don uses light in his photography better than almost any other wildlife photographer in print and has the patience to get the memorable shots others miss. If you're from Montana or if you've visited the state and gotten a glimpse of what it has to offer, you will enjoy this book. Anyone who thinks photography is not art has not seen Don's photos.

Hell Creek, Montana
Lowell Dingus
List Price: $22.95 •
Your Price: $16.07

Hell Creek, Montana, is one of the most windswept, hardscrabble locales in the American West-a quiet town of ranchers, farmers, and others who seek the beauty of the open spaces. It is also the unlikely setting of some of the most fascinating events in the history of the United States and North America. From the first-ever discovery of a Tyrannosaurus rex to Lewis and Clark's landmark expedition; from the Freeman compound standoff to Sitting Bull and Little Big Horn, Hell Creek has been a central player in the events of the last two hundred years-and the last 200 million.

Now, with grace and quiet wit, renowned paleontologist and writer Lowell Dingus takes us on a tour of this desolate, beautiful, out-of-the-way place and illuminates its inhabitants, geology, paleontology, and surprising place in history. Nature lovers, dinosaur buffs, and people fascinated with the turbulent history--both ancient and modern--of the American West will find much to delight them in this journey to Hell Creek.

Montana On My Mind (On My Mind Series)
Michael S. Sample, Larry Mayer
List Price: $32.95

Here is a book for everyone who loves Montana. Here are mountains that soar with out spirits, meadows that bloom in the spring, rivers that amble through the prairie, forests that harbor wild things. Here is a country where a neighbor will lend a hand, where cowboys depend on their horses, where coyotes convene at night, where eagles fly. In Montana you can catch a brown trout on an autumn day when the cottonwoods are going gold and the sky is as blue as paint. Or cross-country ski on a moonlit night. Or watch thunderheads pile up against the horizon. In Montana you can see a whitetail buck keeping his head low, a pheasant cock in the golden stubble of a wheat field, a newborn calf, a bull elk in velvet. These images-ones that Montanans, native born and adoptive, cherish-have been captured in full color by photographers Michael S. Sample and Larry Mayer in the pages of Montana on My Mind. Here are photographs-scenics, portraits, action shots, wildlife-to delight the eye and lift the heart as we celebrate the beauty, the heritage, the pride, and the spirit of Montana. Accompanying the magnificent color photography are quotations from the works of notable Montanans. Mike Maclean, Charles M. Russell, Gary Cooper, and many others help articulate the profound and often inexpressible Sentimental Montanans (and who isn't?) will remember perfect days and dream of more Montana days to come.

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How to Start a Business In Montana
Entrepreneur Press
List Price: $24.95

How to Start a Business in Montana is your roadmap to avoid planning, legal and financial pitfalls and direct you through the bureaucratic red tape that often entangles fledgling entrepreneurs. This all-in-one resource goes a step beyond other business how-to books to give you a jump-start on planning for your business and provides you with:

  • Quick reference to the most current mailing and Internet addresses and telephone numbers for federal, state, local and private agencies that will help get your business up and running.

  • State population statistics, income and consumption rates, major industry trends and overall business incentives to give you a better picture of doing business in Montana.

  • Checklists, sample forms and a complete sample business plan to assist you with numerous startup details.

  • State-specific information on issues like choosing a legal form, selecting a business name, obtaining licenses and permits, registering to pay for taxes and knowing your employer responsibilities.

  • Federal and state options for financing your new venture.

Common Birds of Montana & Idaho
J. Duane Sept
List Price: $10.95

Whether you're observing your feathered friends at the backyard bird feeder or heading out with your binoculars for a day in the woods, this is the guide for you-all the commonly seen birds in Montana and Utah, with more than 170 vivid full-color photographs. The book is chock-full of information on size, coloring and call of each species, notes on nest and habitat, tips and techniques for getting a closer look and distinguishing similar birds, and comments on the unique behavior of the various species. Extras include helpful hints on equipment and a diagram showing the parts of a bird. Good birding!

Central Rocky Mountain Wildflowers
H. Wayne Phillips
List Price: $19.95 •
Your Price: $13.97

This field guide features the wildflowers in the heart of the Rockies from the Yellowstone Ecosystem of Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, north to the Rocky Mountain Front and west through Central Idaho to the Blue Mountains of Oregon and Washington. It includes vibrant color photos and descriptions of over 260 wildflowers, arranged by flower color for quick and easy reference. Edible and medicinal properties, traditional Native American uses, historical facts, and the origin of plant names is included in the comments section for each wildflower.

Glacier National Park (1994)
List Price: $19.99 •
Your Price: $17.99

Glacier, America's northernmost national park, is an enchanting wilderness adventure. The majestic grandeur of the many glaciers, emerald lakes and streams creates a magical feeling, as if all of nature's gems were gathered and placed in one magnificent Montana park near the Canadian border. We'll journey to the top of Sun Mountain along the picturesque Going-to-the-Sun Highway, which has been described as the most beautiful sixteen-mile stretch of highway in the world.

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Yellowstone National Park (1990)
List Price: $19.99 •
Your Price: $17.99

As one of America's most popular destinations, Yellowstone National Park has attracted millions of visitors. Here you will see all the sights: geysers, lakes, waterfalls, lightning storms and hot springs including Old Faithful! Located in northern Wyoming, Yellowstone abounds in wildlife from baby elk to the mighty bison and moose, each lending its individual beauty to the landscape. Amongst the awe-inspiring scenery stands the majestic Grand Teton mountain range with its rugged peaks, beautiful lakes and crystal-clear streams.

Montana Wildflowers
Beverly Magley
List Price: $

In Montana, there are about 2,500 species, or kinds, or flowering plants. Some grow high in the mountains, where snow piles deep and winds howl. Some grow in the shady forests, where deer forage and bears prowl. Learn this and much more in this guide, one in a series of state wildflower guides.

Rick Bass, Elizabeth Hughes
List Price: $
12.00 • Your Price: $9.60

This book is a classic celebration of winter in a remote Montana valley.

The Montana Cowboy
David R. Stoecklein, Patrick Dawson (Illustrator), Dave Powell
List Price: $
60.00 • Your Price: $40.80

Featuring the photography of David R. Stoecklein, The Montana Cowboy tells the story of those mixed-luck, big-hearted people who have been galloping along the range, pushing the cattle in Montana for more than a century. The history and differences in geography of the state are told by Montana native, Pat Dawson. His reflections of the oldtimers' spirits are complemented by the beautiful illustrations of the famed artist, Buckeye Blake.

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Don't Fence Me In
David R. Stoecklein, Buckeye Blake
List Price: $
60.00 • Your Price: $40.80

This collection evokes the feeling of the west through images and stories of this incredibly beautiful and rugged landscape, it's flora, horses, cattle and people. Through a decade of photography spanning ten Western states, Stoecklein depicts the modern-day cowboy at work and at play, at sunrise, and sunset, in all kinds of weather.

The Ranch Woman's Manual
by Gwen Petersen
4 3/4 x 7 1/2 paperback, 176 pages
List Price: $9.95

She's a country Erma Bombeck with some special problems with tempermental hired men, skunks and other varmints.

She's the Ann Landers of the street dance, the sales abarn and other rural social events.

She's Phyllis Diller in a straw hat and four-buckle overhsoes shoveling out the farrowing pens.

Other than that, Gwen Petersen's previous training—as a Registered Occupational Therapist working in psychiatric hospitals for the disturbed and mentally ill—well prepared for a career as a ranch wife and humorous writer of barnyard foibles. She now lives with her husband on a small ranch near Big Timber, Montana, along with an assortment of cattle, pigs,sheep, chickens, cats, dogs, horses, and a gaggle of nasty-tempered geese.

Direct from
Ultimate Press

The Greenhorn's Guide to the Woolly West
by Gwen Petersen
4 3/4 x 7 1/2 paperback, 160 pages
List Price: $9.95

Green-horn n.1. an inexperienced or unsophisticated person. 2. a newcomer (as to a country) unacquainted with local manners and customs. This may be the way the dictionary defines Greenhorn, but Gwen Peterson has now made a very important clarification; a newcomer (as to the country).

Gwen Peterson has been proclaimed the country ERMA BOMBECK, the ANN LANDERS of rural social events, and a PHYLLIS DILLER in four-buckle overshoes. These personalities 'hitched-up' to write the hilariously funny The Ranch Woman's Manual and now in Gwen's second book The Greenhorn's Guide to the Woolly West, her wit is sharper than barbed wire

Must reading for any 'Greenhorn' planning to travel west of the Mississippi, east of Hollywood. Don't be caught with YOUR chaps down!

Direct from
Ultimate Press

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