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General Wyoming Books

The Ultimate Wyoming Atlas & Travel Encyclopedia
Michael Dougherty, Heidi Pfeil Dougherty
8 1/2 x 11, color & b/w photos, maps
List Price: $24.95

The most complete guide to the Cowboy State in print. 129 maps, 60 maps of towns and cities, over 1,100 restaurants, over 550 motels, every public and private campground, over 200 guest ranches and resorts, over 130 bed and breakfasts, vacation homes and cabins, hikes, more than 270 fisheries, over 200 outfitters and guides, 49 public golf courses, over 65 scenic drives and side trips, downhill and cross country ski areas, 100s of museums and historical sites, hot springs, more than 50 ghost towns, airports, 100s of National Trail points of interest, gas stops, hundreds of attractions, 1,000s of photographs, weather information for over 60 locations, information on every city and town, 1,000s of things to do, 1,000s of addresses and phone numbers. Complete sections with maps for Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, and Fort Laramie National Historic Site. Includes free photo CD-ROM of 100s of screensaver sized photos.

Rising From The Plains
John McPhee
List Price: $
13.00 • Your Price: $10.40

This is about high-country geology and a Rocky Mountain regional geologist. I raise that semaphore here at the start so no one will feel misled by an opening passage in which a slim young woman who is not in any sense a geologist steps down from a train in Rawlins, Wyoming, in order to go north by stagecoach into country that was still very much the Old West.

So begins John McPhee’s Rising from the Plains. If you like to read about geology, you will find good reading here. If, on the other hand, you are not much engaged by the spatial complexities of the science, you could miss a richness of human history that has its place among the strata described. Sometimes it is said of geologists that they reflect in their professional styles the sort of country in which they grew up. Nowhere could that be more true than in the life of a geologist born in the center of Wyoming and raised on an isolated ranch. This is the story of that ranch, soon after the turn of the century, and the geologist who grew up there, at home with the composition of the high country in the way that someone growing up in a coastal harbor would be at home with the vagaries of the sea.

The Wind is My Witness: A Wyoming Album
Mark Junge
List Price: $39.95

The Wind is my Witness: A Wyoming Album is a most remarkable and ambitious project that grew from five corporate grants and four awards from the state of Wyoming. It is Junge's fourth book. In all, the photography, interviews and writing took ten years to amass. The 250 photos used were gleaned from over 7,000 images, and the final 160 entries were compiled from over 450 interviews. The result is a stunning overview of the state of Wyoming and many interesting people who live there. One of the more fascinating things about this collection of images is that the photographs (and the book itself) work on so many levels. In one respect, the book is an incredible photo-documentary project-and a special one at that because, like Jim Goldberg, Junge shares the voice of many of his subjects directly. However, the work is also an amazing collection of portraits: exotic dancer, historian, motorcycle racer, white water guide, convict, UFOlogist, biker, rancher, trapper and many other equally interesting Wyomingites. The interviews and writing are as candid and revealing as the book's photographs. Finally, the design of this book itself is worth the price of admission. It is one of the most beautifully designed books I've come across in years. The Wind is my Witness bears witness to the remarkable people who live in one of the most rugged and beautiful states in the country. It is truly a poignant piece of work. -Independent Publisher

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Gary Spence's Wyoming: The Landscape
Gary Spence
List Price: $
75.00 • Your Price: $27.99

Gerry Spence is best known as an undefeated trail lawyer and a rugged individualist whose public pronouncements ring with the authority of common sense and moral vision. But like the Wyoming in which he grew to manhood, he has many facets. A lifelong photographer and poet, he now turns his attention to his native state to share the marvels and mysteries he finds in the landscape and among the people.

Spence's Wyoming is a land fast disappearing, a land of pioneers and poor framers, of cowboys and mountain men and the strong women who helped settle the land. It is a place of extraordinary landscapes that seem to feel the breath of God, of mountains that inspire awe, of ancient trees whose figures bring true nobility to the face of the earth.

Captured in stunning photographs, gorgeously reproduced in duotone, and accompanied by his poetry, which the author reads in the accompanying CD, Gerry Spence's Wyoming brings us a vision of the land that only love and intimate knowledge could produce.

Great Wyoming Bear Stories
Tom Reed
List Price: $

The first-ever collection of the best bear tales from all across Wyoming. A fatal mauling by a grizzly bear in Yellowstone National Park. A black bear in a farmhouse bedroom. A massive cattle-killing grizzly in the new millennium. Dozens of stories; some old, some new, many never before published. This book reveals a history of the conflict and cooperation between mankind and bears in wild Wyoming. Well written by a talented Wyoming author

Where Rivers Change Direction
Mark Spragg
List Price: $
14.00 • Your Price: $11.20

"I knew the horses as I knew my family...When I was separated from them I felt wrong in the world. When I was separated from them I took no comfort in the sound of the creek. I felt chilled without the heat of them. In the short lulls between rides I leaned against the corrals, watching them roil like some captured pod of smallish whales, multi-colored, snorting at their handicapped buoyancy. When I stepped in among them, they would turn to me, roll their eyes until the whites showed, flick their ears. They were used to the sight and sound of me. I was the boy who straddled their hearts."

If the West had a voice this is how it would sound. Passionate. Unequivocal. In the tradition of Ivan Doig's THIS HOUSE OF SKY, Mark Spragg's stunning collection, WHERE RIVERS CHANGE DIRECTION, renders an unforgettable story of an adolescence spent on the oldest dude ranch in Wyoming-a remote spread on the Shoshone National Forest, the largest block of unfenced wilderness in the lower forty-eight states.

In this sublime and unforgiving landscape, Spragg's distant and mercurial father, his emotionally isolated but resilient mother, his fierce and devoted younger brother Rick, and his mentor, a wry and wise cowboy named John, cleave to one another and to the harsh life they have chosen. Unrelenting winds, pitiless blizzards, muscular rivers--from these elements Spragg divines the universal yearnings for self-reliance, trust, acceptance, and love. WHERE RIVERS CHANGE DIRECTION illuminates the unexpected wisdom and irrevocable truth embedded in the small, but profound dramas of one boy's journey toward manhood.

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C is for Cowboy: A Wyoming Alphabet
Eugene Gagliano, Susan Guy
List Price: $17.9
5 • Your Price: $12.57

Catch a glimpse of all the wonders Wyoming has to offer in "C is for Cowboy: A Wyoming Alphabet." This alphabet journey begins "A is for Altitude of mountains that soar, the Grand Tetons rise straight from the floor." Written in a two-tier format with rhyming text for younger readers and detailed expository text for older readers, "C is for Cowboy" showcases the many natural wonders of this expansive state. Susan Guy's dramatic, true-to-life artwork provides a stunning backdrop to the printed words.

Wyoming 24/7
Rick Smolan, David Elliot Cohen
List Price: $
24.95 • Your Price: $17.46

Following the success of The New York Times bestseller America 24/7, DK is publishing 50 books that showcase the best photographs from each state - all to be published on the same day. Each individual book includes 95% new photography and is a unique peronal expression of state pride.

Ghosts on the Range: Eerie True Tales of Wyoming
Debra D. Munn
List Price: $

Just another eerie occurance at the Ferris Mansion in Rawlins, Wyoming:

“All of the sudden, she ran screaming out of [the bathroom] and jumped into bed with me … crying and almost hysterical. She swore that the tube of toothpasted moved by itself, that she had never touched it.”

The 34 tales in this spectral collection will haunt you, delight you, and keep you wondering what’s real and what, if anything, is imagined.

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