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The Ultimate Wyoming Atlas & Travel Encyclopedia
Michael Dougherty, Heidi Pfeil Dougherty
8 1/2 x 11, color & b/w photos, maps
List Price: $24.95

The most complete guide to the Cowboy State in print. 100s of museums and historical sites, hot springs, more than 50 ghost towns, hikes, 129 maps, 60 maps of towns and cities, over 1,100 restaurants, over 550 motels, every public and private campground, over 200 guest ranches and resorts, over 130 bed and breakfasts, vacation homes and cabins, over 200 outfitters and guides, airports, more than 270 fisheries, 100s of National Trail points of interest, 49 public golf courses, , over 65 scenic drives and side trips, downhill and cross country ski areas, gas stops, hundreds of attractions, 1,000s of photographs, weather information for over 60 locations, information on every city and town, 1,000s of things to do, 1,000s of addresses and phone numbers. Complete sections with maps for Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, and Fort Laramie National Historic Site. Includes free photo CD-ROM of 100s of screensaver sized photos.

Roadside History of Wyoming
Candy Moulton
List Price: $
18.00 • Your Price: $12.60

Roadside History of Wyoming gives readers a sampling of the history, people, places, and events that shaped my home state of Wyoming. As I said in the introduction to the book, "High atop America is a place so rugged and wild it grabs your heart and spirit and soul: Wyoming, land of the cowboy. The state is a sensation of endless space and unchanged time. Standing atop a granite boulder in the Rocky Mountains, you may feel that you're looking into forever or seeing a country untrammeled and untamed. Wyoming has lots of elbow room and not much to obstruct the view. Its immensity is matched only by its diversity: Rock-strewn mountains, rolling plains, windswept deserts and pastoral valleys. In every region of the state you can climb to the top of a high peak, spin your gaze like a top, and see nothing but land, rocks and sagebrush—just as it might have looked when the first people came to this country. In Wyoming your spirit can soar with the eagles and race with the wild horses of the Pryor Mountains or the Red Desert."

The Medicine Bows: Wyoming's Mountain Country
Scott Thybony, Robert G. Rosenberg, Elizabeth Mullet Rosenberg
List Price: $13.95

The publication of "The Medicine Bows" adds a new dimension to the enjoyment of the high country of southeastern Wyoming. "The Medicine Bows" tells the 8500-year story of a mountainous region rich in the history of Plains Indians, mountain men, tie hacks, and early forest rangers. The Medicine Bow Mountains and surrounding area was an important fur trade center and one of the last refuges of the Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Sioux Indians. Individuals like William Ashley, Jim Bridger, and John Fremont were instrumental in the early explorations of the region, while men like Francis Parkman and Owen Wister did their part to memorialize this land and its people. With the arrival of overwhelming numbers of settlers, the region played an important role in the development of the Overland Stage and Emigrant Route and the first transcontinental railroad and telegraph. The significance of the Medicine Bow region in the history of Wyoming and western America lay in its abundant natural resources in close proximity to major 19th century migration routes. Although logging, grazing, and limited mining are still conducted on the Medicine Bow National Forest, emphasis has shifted in recent times to its recreational value. The high mountain lakes and streams, rugged rocky peaks and endless vistas of forest and plain provide a last refuge - a physical and psychological release from 20th century pressures. The Medicine bow region now provides an escape to a place the early explorers and the mountain men might still recognize, a repository of silence, natural beauty, and history.

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Wyoming, A History of Film & Video in the 20th Century
Walt Farmer
List Price: $

This is a book on cd-rom that contains Wyoming's film/video history to include feature films, short films, TV shows, travel/wildlife/historical/biographical documentaries, music videos, commercials, ski films and more. Information includes how films were made, costs, what cast/crew did while on location, where the locations are, trivia, lists, etc. It is the equivalent of a "paper book" well over 1,000 pages. It also includes color and black and white photos, publicity stills, candids, movie posters, aerials of locations, GPS coordinates and maps. Info includes the late 1890s to 2001. All photos or text can be printed out on one's home computer and book is written in the language of the Internet & read on the computer like a website with links inside and outside the book. Films include: Shane, Rocky IV, The Big Sky, The Big Trail, The Wild Country, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Dream West, The Wild North, Yellowstone, Starship Troopers & others. Celebs include: John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Sylvester Stallone, Jean Arthur, Henry Fonda, Maurenn O'Hara, Ron Howard, Bo Derek, Howard Hawks, George Stevens, Alan Ladd, Jack Palance, Cyd Charisse, Ben Johnson, Richard Farnsworth, Kenny Rogers, Vera Miles, Tim McCoy, Tex Ritter, Wallace Beery, Ann Rutherford, Van Heflin, Clint Eastwood, and many others.

The Hog Ranches of Wyoming: Liquor, Lust, & Lies Under Sagebrush Skies
C.J. Box
List Price: $

Hog Ranches on the Wyoming frontier? The only thing raised there was some "hell." Frontier "hog ranches" were part saloon, part dance hall, and part brothel. These rip-roaring establishments usually sprung up around forts to provide diversion for the troops, although cowboys and locals were often willing to pull up a stool at the bar as well.

Author Larry Brown has gathered the stories of Wyoming's hog ranches from Mother Featherlegs's place to the Nine Mile Ranch to the Hog Ranch at Fetterman. These colorful stories were brimming with sin, gunplay, gambling, murder, outlaws, and romance.

History of Wyoming
Taft Alfred Larson
List Price: $

"The History of Wyoming" explains detailed information of territorial and state developments. This second edition also includes the post-World War II chapters containing discussion about the economy, society, culture and politics not included on the previous edition.

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History from the Highways: Wyoming
Thomas Schmidt, Winfred Blevins
List Price: $14.9

Have you ever wondered what it was like to travel West on the Oregon Trail in the nineteenth century, pulling your belongings in a handcart behind you? Or how the world looked from a mountain man’s perspective? Maybe you have a hankering to make the acquaintance of desperadoes like Butch Cassidy and the Wild bunch – or Mother Feather legs and Dangerous Dick. Perhaps your curiosity is piqued by the loudmouthed, brawling lives of the railroad-builders, men who shoveled, blasted, and hammered over the mountains and across the plains, drawing a slick of saloon-keepers, gamblers, swindlers, and other frontier opportunists in their wake. History from the Highways: Wyoming tells the colorful stories of these fascinating Wyoming characters and more. Tales of Wyoming’s past are laid out along the state’s principle roadways and illustrate all the major eras in the Cowboy State’s history, including the fur trade, the emigrant-pioneer days, the Indian Wars, the construction of the Union Pacific railroad, and the advent of the cowboy and sheep man. With maps, historical photographs, route and subject indexes, History from the Highways; Wyoming is a fascinating and illuminating road companion and compulsively readable popular history.

Frontier Spirit: The Story of Wyoming
Craig Sodaro, Randy Adams
List Price: $
17.95 • Your Price: $12.57

Wyoming has one of the most exciting histories of any western state. Authors Craig Sodaro and Randy Adams are born story-tellers who exemplify the maxim that good history is never dull.

From prehistory through the Indian wars, from the wild years of territorial Wyoming up to the conflicts and coming of age in the twentieth century, Wyoming’s past comes to life in these pages.

The emphasis of the book is on the people of Wyoming, how they lived and what they lived for, how events outside the state affected them, and how they affected the rest of the world. The authors expertly draw connections among seemingly widely separated events to illuminate the seamlessness of history’s web. By developing a deeper understanding of the past, the reader comes away with a greater sense of the state’s identity today.

The title, "Frontier Spirit," was not chosen lightly; probably more than any other state in the lower forty-eight, Wyoming still typifies that spirit. This book shows why.

The Bomber Mountain Crash Story: A Wyoming Mystery
R. Scott Madsen
List Price: $

In The Bomber Mountain Crash, Scott Madsen reconstructs the strange tale of a young Army Air Force bomber crew headed for England in June, 1943. An ironic sequence of events joined the youthful airman in tragedy high in Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains. It is a war story, a romance, a mystery -- a TRUE story you won't soon forget.

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