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The Ultimate Wyoming Atlas & Travel Encyclopedia
Michael Dougherty, Heidi Pfeil Dougherty
8 1/2 x 11, color & b/w photos, maps
List Price: $24.95

The most complete guide to the Cowboy State in print. Hikes, more than 270 fisheries, over 200 outfitters and guides, 49 public golf courses, over 65 scenic drives and side trips, downhill and cross country ski areas, 100s of museums and historical sites, hot springs, more than 50 ghost towns, 129 maps, 60 maps of towns and cities, over 1,100 restaurants, over 550 motels, every public and private campground, over 200 guest ranches and resorts, over 130 bed and breakfasts, vacation homes and cabins, airports, 100s of National Trail points of interest, gas stops, hundreds of attractions, 1,000s of photographs, weather information for over 60 locations, information on every city and town, 1,000s of things to do, 1,000s of addresses and phone numbers. Complete sections with maps for Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, and Fort Laramie National Historic Site. Includes free photo CD-ROM of 100s of screensaver sized photos.

Birds in Place: A Habitat-Based Field Guide to the Birds of the Northern Rockies
Radd Icenoggle
List Price $16.95 •
Your Price: $11.53

This habitat-based guide is written for both novice and long-time birders to use in the Northern Rockies. Color photographs illustrate the species and graphics supply information on seasons, migration, residents. Text includes physical description, mating, nesting and fledging behaviors, and especially in what type of domain to seek each species.

Wind River Trails: A Hiking & Fishing Guide to the Many Trails & Lakes of the Wind River Range in Wyoming
Finis Mitchell
List Price: $

Finis Mitchell's Wind River Trails, first published in 1975, is currently in its ninth Printing. This book is a time honored classic. Mitchell weaves a personal tale of over 50 years of "living" in the Wind River Mountains into the text of the book. The author was the first to stock trout in the cold alpine waters of the Winds starting in the 1930's. His tale starts in the 1920's and continues till 1975. Even though some of the trails have changed a bit with time, if you fish in the Wind Rivers YOU MUST HAVE THIS BOOK!

Hiking Wyoming's Wind River Range
Ron Adkison
List Price: $16.95 •
Your Price: $11.87

Stony battlements of the Wind River Range pierce the Wyoming sky with 12,000 and 13,000-foot summits, defining a rugged landscape with more than 2,000 lakes. This glacier-carved range holds some of the finest backcountry fishing for various species of trout, and tantalizes climbers with world-renowned summits such as Wolf's Head, Pengora, and 13,800-foot Gannett Peak. Hiking Wyoming's Wind River Range covers nearly all of the wilderness trails in the range, offering suggestions for day hikes, extended trips, and off-trail exploration. Detailed descriptions and maps will get you to the trailheads and help you plan your trip. This guide also includes tips on safety and hiking with children, elevation charts, photographs, no-trace camping information, and a backcountry equipment checklist. Whether you are a veteran hiker or first-time wilderness traveler, Hiking Wyoming's Wind River Range will lead the way to outdoor adventure.

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Hiking Wyoming, Rev.
Bill Hunger
List Price: $
15.95 • Your Price: $11.17

Wyoming, with its rugged mountains, high plains, desert prairies, and canyonlands, presents hikers with a spectacular array of backcountry opportunities. Many areas, from Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks to the Wind River Range, are well-known, but they represent only a fraction of the hiking possibilities in Wyoming. Hiking Wyoming, formerly The Hiker's Guide to Wyoming, covers the well-known areas but also introduces hikers to some of the state's best-kept backcountry secrets. In Hiking Wyoming, former Wyoming wilderness ranger Bill Hunger descries seventy-five hikes throughout the state suited to dayhikers and veteran backpackers alike. The hike descriptions are complemented by maps and distinctive black-and-white photos, and the book also includes valuable information on backcountry safety and ethics. Hiking Wyoming is the perfect sourcebook for exploring Wyoming's beautiful backcountry.

Hiking the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, 2nd
Bill Schneider
List Price: $
15.95 • Your Price: 11.17

This guide, a thoroughly revised and updated edition of Hiking the Beartooths, explores 40 trails in Montana's Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. The wilderness area, located north and northeast of Yellowstone, is renowned for its spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife.

Rockhounding Wyoming
Kenneth L. Graham
List Price: $
12.95 • Your Price: $10.36

Rockhounding Wyoming is an introduction to a fascinating treasure hunt for those seeking jade, agate, bloodstone, fossils, petrified wood, fluorite, or other precious stones. Although the rockhounding treasures are many in this vast and sparsely populated state, author Kenneth Graham points out that "sometimes the joy is in the search itself." The 75 sites described in this guide will take you across the red desert to the high mountain majesty of the Big Horns and Wind Rivers as well as the geologic wonders of Yellowstone National Park. Graham, a former hardrock miner, developed an interest in rocks at an early age. In Rockhounding Wyoming, Graham shares his enthusiasm for rockhounding and his appreciation for the diverse Wyoming landscape that holds the treasure. Each description provides detailed information complete with maps on how to find the remote as well as popular digs, what will likely be found there, the tools to bring, the best season to visit, the appropriate vehicle to drive, or when to lace up your hiking boots to get to those out-of-the-way places. Be sure to take along Rockhounding Wyoming to plan your next rockhounding adventure.

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Best Easy Day Hikes: Grand Teton
Bill Schneider
List Price: $6.9

The rugged mountains of Grand Teton National Park are some of the most photographed mountains in America. With their characteristic jagged, snowy peaks, they exemplify the mountains of the imagination. Hiking is an excellent way to experience the internationally celebrated scenic beauty of the mountains in Grand Teton National Park. Best Easy Day Hikes Grand Teton is your guide to adventure in the park, even if you only have a short time to spend there. With concise hike descriptions and detailed maps of Grand Teton’s best short trails, Best Easy Day Hikes Grand Teton makes hiking in the park accessible to every type of hiker. This handy guide will help you get out and enjoy Grand Teton’s spectacular mountain scenery. Features 20 hikes.

Best Easy Day Hikes: Yellowstone, 2nd
Bill Schneider
List Price: $

Yellowstone National Park is one of the great outdoor destinations on the planet, with spectacular vistas, intriguing geology, and abundant and varied wildlife. This updated and revised edition, published in a convenient, pocket-size format, describes 30 of the best day hikes in the park.

Flyfishers Guide to Wyoming
Ken Retallic
List Price: $

Wyoming has a host of untapped treasures, and this guide takes you from the famous waters to the lesser known fisheries. The Flyfisher's Guide to Wyoming including Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks covers the entire state, detailing the best fishing waters with the most up-to-date information on each. Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are more comprehensively covered than ever before.

Over 70 detailed maps, including 25 maps for Yellowstone alone, show river miles, access, boat ramps, and campsites, as well as hatch charts, stream facts and recommended flies. It also provides additional information including fly shops, accommodations, restaurants, campgrounds, car repair and rental and much more

Kip Carey's Official Wyoming Fishing Guide
Kip Carey
List Price: $

It is my great pleasure to introduce the new 2002 edition of Kip Carey's Official Wyoming Fishing Guide. Fishing waters from around the entire state of Wyoming are contained in this handy guide, in fact, there are over 1600 detailed waters listed. Specific directions, comprehensive descriptions, and maps to Wyoming's cold and warm water reservoirs, lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, and creeks from around the entire state are included in this complete fishing guide. This guide has it all, from the smallest of creeks to largest rivers, one-acre ponds to reservoirs the size of most towns. I recommend this book for anyone who is already familiar with fishing in Wyoming, to those who wish to discover all the wonderful fishing opportunities the state has to offer. There is not another book comparable on the market today, it is an invaluable guide whether it is used for fly-fishing, bait-fishing, spin-fishing, or even hiking and backpacking.

Back in the early 1950's a professor from the University of Colorado, by the name of Tim Kelley, began the incredible task of chronicling the fishing waters of Wyoming and Colorado. Tim Kelley's vision was to chronicle all of the waters of both states and to combine them into a single guide. The resulting Tim Kelley's Colorado and Wyoming Fishing and Hunting Guide was published every two years starting in 1954, with the last in 1990. I was able to purchase the rights to this indispensable guide in 1999, at which time I set about updating and completing a separate guide for Colorado, which was released in 2001. Kip Carey's Official Wyoming Fishing Guide is the result of my belief that Wyoming deserves a separate book dedicated to all the quality waters of the state. Included are hundreds of new entries, as well as, completely updated information on previously documented waters from the Wind River, Bighorn River, Snake River, Green River, Sweetwater River, and North Platte River drainages; as well as, complete coverage of fishing waters in Yellowstone National Park and northeastern Wyoming. In other words, the entire state of Wyoming is contained in the book!

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