Planet Bronze

905 N. 5th Ave. • Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: 406-585-0050 • Fax: 406-585-0051

Planet Bronze is located on the south side of the County Market Plaza off North 7th Ave. on N. 5th Ave. in Bozeman
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Welcome to Planet Bronze, Montana’s premier art gallery! Planet Bronze is owned by artist, Dennis Harrington, and is ideally located in Bozeman amidst some of Montana’s most inspiring landscapes. Featuring a well-appointed gallery where care is taken to present each piece of art with the finest lighting and setting, Planet Bronze rewards visitors with an intriguing array of works. From bronze sculptures to oil paintings to works depicting the American West’s wildlife and pioneering spirit, the gallery houses a variety of mediums and subjects that will intrigue even the most selective art connoisseur.

The gallery strives to display several talented artists, including works from the following well-known artisans:

Dennis Harrington: Harrington is known for his exquisitely crafted bronze sculptures, including “Guardian Spirit” which is permanently displayed at Bozeman’s Gallatin Field Airport. He strives to create original sculptures that embody both the sensual and sublime.

Eli Beacon: Beacon’s powerful landscapes and color use invoke the feeling of traditional 19th century American oils. Instead of trying to replicate the landscape in front of him, Beacon paints what he takes away from a moment.

Mitch Bullis: Bullis strives to capture moments that create feeling and then share that with his audience. He began sculpting in 1980 and was an apprentice of Veryl Goodnight.

Sheryl Bodily: Contemporary and historical Indian culture influences Bodily’s richly colored oil paintings.

Charles Bugger: For Bugger, art is not in the eye of the beholder. For him, creating art is a blessing, and for those who are pulled toward art, it is an elevation of the soul.

Rip Caswell: As a nationally acclaimed wildlife artist, Caswell is sought after to judge and give seminars on wildlife art.

Doug Eck: Eck is an award-winning taxidermist and a self-taught wildlife artist.

Bill Ernst: Sculptor Bill Ernst loves primitive art for its ability to let artists explore abstract and surrealistic concepts.

Al Feldstein: Retired MAD magazine editor, Al Feldstein, is an acrylic painter specializing in Montana scenery, wildlife, and ranch life.

Scott Gayer: With a 25 year history of producing fine art in jewelry, Gayer now also creates bronze sculptures.

C.A. Grende: Grende’s sculptures draw upon many facets, including adventure and a love of history and horses.

Larry Knutson: In his oil paintings, Knutson explores Native American culture.

Craig Phillips: Phillips is a wildlife and western artist who donates many of his sculptures to conservation organizations.

Jacques & Mary Regat: This Alaskan husband and wife sculpting team capture the cultural myths and history of Alaska’s native peoples in their jointly created bronze sculptures.

Whether you’re simply browsing or are searching for a particular expression of art, let Planet Bronze expose you to the genius of fine art and help you select just the right piece for your personal collection! Visitors unable to visit Planet Bronze in person are encouraged to browse through a sampling of artists available on the gallery website. Pictures of some displayed works are showcased, and website visitors are encouraged to contact the gallery for further assistance.
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