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O’Fallon Historical Museum
2nd St. & Fallon, Baker. 778-3265

This five building museum features the old jailhouse, two homestead houses, antique cars, homestead antiques, dinosaur bones and much more. You can also check out the old teepee rings and wagon ruts left over from the old days.

The O’Fallon Museum is actually several museums in one. The original O’Fallon Museum was first located in the old library, and then moved to the former jail and sheriff’s living quarters in 1975. This building houses Steer Montana, “The World’s Largest Steer.” It was born east of Baker in 1923. Steer Montana grew to 5’ 11” in height and weighed 3,980 pounds. Other exhibits in the museum include a 1920 parlor, kitchen, homestead items, a beauty parlor, World War I and II displays, a Christmas store, a drug store, Indian artifacts and much more.

The Forrest Duffield Museum is a private museum which faithfully portrays a way of life in the area in the early part of the 20th century. The museum is a replica of a claim shack. Some of the contents are: a Majestic cook stove which was truly the heart of the home with a warming oven and hot water heater, a butter churn, oil paintings by Forrest’s mother and some rugs she made including an unusual Button Rug. Also on display is Jessie’s J. Tredle sewing machine which was purchased before coming to Montana.

The Lambert House was built by Amos and Corida Lambert in the summer of 1907. Up until that time the Lamberts had lived in a dugout. The Lamberts raised nine children in this house located in the Lame Jones community. They had what was known as squatter’s rights, as the land had not yet been surveyed.

Another building houses machinery and antique cars.

Reprinted from The Ultimate Montana Atlas and Travel Encyclopedia

On This Date in Montana--May 3, 1933

A partially albino calf is born at the National Bison Range in Moiese. The baby bull came to be known as “Big Medicine,” and lived on the reserve until he died in 1959. The stuffed remains of Big Medicine are one of the most popular exhibits at the Montana Historical Society in Helena.

Reprinted from The Ultimate Montana Atlas and Travel Encyclopedia

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