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Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge
Northeast of Malta

The 15,000 acre Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge is a haven for migrating and nesting waterfowl. You will find resident and migratory waterfowl, ducks of all species, Canadian geese, colonial nesting birds and upland game birds. Over 800 pair of nesting pelicans and rarer birds like white faced ibises and night herons reside here, along with deer and antelope. This refuge protects 208 bird species.

Excerpted from "The Ultimate Montana Atlas and Travel Encyclopedia".


Malta is a town that was raised on cattle. During the late 1800s the town was the hub of a vast cattle empire. It originated as a town to service the cattle industry, but when the Northern Pacific Railroad came through it turned into an important siding to load livestock. Today, it still serves the cattle industry as well as the agriculture industry. The name was picked by a railroad official who spun a world globe and put his finger on the place where it stopped Malta. The town was named after the Mediterranean island of Malta.

Excerpted from "The Ultimate Montana Atlas and Travel Encyclopedia".

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