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You won’t get through Montana without seeing huckleberry products. These little gems are made into preserves, candies, syrups, candles lotions and soaps. The huckleberry is very similar to the blueberry, and incredibly sweet and tart at the same time. They have a long history in the northwest. The Native Americans used them as an important source of food, drink, and rich dyes. Because of the huckleberry’s unique flavor and challenge to harvest it has become one of Montana’s hottest commodities and the main ingredient in one of the state’s fastest growing industries.

The huckleberry that grows in the mountains and forests of Montana is special. The berries only grow in the wild on bushes. They won’t bear fruit when transplanted or grown commercially, and availability varies year by year according to the whims of Mother Nature. In order to harvest huckleberries, pickers must go into the high mountain, Montana back country to find the bushes. “Bearing” in mind that huckleberries are a favorite food of grizzly bears, picking these tasty morsels isn’t just hard, but can be darn hazardous.

No one knows just why huckleberry bushes reproduce or what makes one patch of berries good picking one year and not the next. To really enjoy huckleberries for yourself try some of the wonderful products that you’ll see sold throughout the state. During the summer you can often find a special treat of fresh huckleberries for sale at the local farmers markets.

Excerpted from "The Ultimate Montana Atlas and Travel Encyclopedia". For
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Hungry Horse

Hungry Horse is located at the mouth of a lake formed by a government dam, which towers 564 feet. In the midst of some of the most beautiful scenery in the Northwest, this town enjoys several lakes and nearby mountain ranges. Its unusual name was authored by two draft horses used for logging. The horses, named Tex and Jerry, wandered off during the severe winter of 1900 and were found about a month later, scraggly and hungry, but alive. The town survived as well and boasts great fishing in late summer on the Hungry Horse Reservoir.

Excerpted from "The Ultimate Montana Atlas and Travel Encyclopedia". For
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More August Happenings
For exact date and times call the number provided. All of Montana is
area code (406).

Annual All-Gallery Show, “Montana is a State of Mind”
Bigfork 837-4848
Parade, children’s carnival.

Annual Festival of the Arts
Bigfork 881-4636
Downtown Bigfork hosts artisans and musician.

Annual Antiques Show & Fair
Bigfork 837-6927

Northwest Montana Fair
Kalispell 758-5810
Entertainment, carnival, demolition derby, rodeo, horse race and more.

Outdoor Art Fair
Polson 883-5956

Annual Winefest
Polson 883-5969

Climb Big Mountain
Whitefish 862-1900
At Big Mountain Ski & Summer Resort.

Huckleberry Days
Whitefish 862-3501

The Bull Thing
Eureka 882-4444
Held at the Lincoln County fairgrounds and features bull riding.

Lincoln County Fair
Eureka 889-4636
Held at the Lincoln County fairgrounds.

St. John’s Rodeo
Libby 293-3325

Halfway House Rendezvous
Libby 293-4358

Hot August Nights
Libby 293-4358

Excerpted from "The Ultimate Montana Atlas and Travel Encyclopedia". For
more information about this book visit

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