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Fort Keogh
2 miles southwest of Miles City

This was, at one time the, largest army post in Montana. It served from 1877-1908 as a major post at the close of the Indian wars. Several of the original buildings remain, and the old parade grounds are still intact. The notorious John “Liver Eatin” Johnson was attached to General Mile’s command at the fort in 1877, after the Battle at Little Big Horn. An interesting fact is that 15 inch snowflakes, still the largest ever recorded anywhere, fell at Fort Keogh in January of 1887. Today, the Range Riders Museum is built on the Fort Keogh cantonment. The Fort Keogh Officers’ Quarters, Coach House, Homestead House, and a One-Room School are full of donated artifacts and reflect much of the history of the area and Fort Keogh.

Reprinted from “The Ultimate Montana Atlas & Travel Encyclopedia”

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