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Hiking Bighorn Canyon

With its steep-sided canyons, isolated nature, juniper forests, and amazing area views, Bighorn Canyon is a hiker’s dream come true. Hikers should always wear sturdy shoes and pack along plenty of sunscreen and water; the area is known for its hot summer days that leave hikers prone to sunburns and dehydration. Although the area is lined with trails, the following are three of the most popular canyon hikes.

State Line Trail
Description: Easy to Moderate, I Mile Round Trip
Just north of the Montana State line, you will find a cairn marking the beginning of this trail. Follow the cairns along an old road that leads to the rim of the canyon. You may then follow the canyon rim for several hundred feet. This trail leads through juniper forest and limestone plateaus to unique views of the canyon.

Sullivan’s Knob Trail
Description: Easy to Moderate, I Mile Round Trip
Roughly 1 mile north of Devil’s Canyon Overlook, you will find a turnout around a geological formation known as Sullivan’s knob. Turn into the parking lot at Sullivan’s knob. Follow the cairns and the trail to the right of the hill directly in front of you (East). Follow the cairns to the canyon rim. From there it's possible to see the north side of Devil’s Canyon Overlook.

Om-Ne-A Trail
This is a rim-top trail that provides some awesome views of the magnificent Bighorn Canyon. The 3-mile trail goes from Yellowtail Dam to Ok-A-Beh marina. The trail starts at Yellowtail Dam and is steep for the first quarter mile.

Partially reprinted from “The Ultimate Montana Atlas & Travel Encyclopedia”

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