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Lewis & Clark Caverns
19 miles west of Three Forks on Montana 2 • (406) 287-3541.

Located in the rugged Jefferson River Canyon, Lewis and Clark Caverns features one of the most highly decorated limestone caverns in the Northwest. Naturally air conditioned, these spectacular caves are lined with stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and helictites. The Caverns—which are part of Montana’s first and best known state park—are electrically lighted and safe to visit. Guided cave tours are offered at Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, including special candle light tours in December. To avoid peak use periods, call the park for suggested visitation and tour times.

Lewis and Clark Caverns are the largest limestone caves in Montana and have fascinated children as well as adults for many years. The labyrinth of these underground caves leads you through narrow passages among stalactites and stalagmites which glitter and drip. Truly a limestone fairyland decorated by nature, these colorful and intriguing formations make for a worthwhile two-hour tour. Also within the park are breathtaking views of the Tobacco Root Mountains and the Jefferson River valley.

Reprinted from “The Ultimate Montana Atlas & Travel Encyclopedia”

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