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Moose Drool, A Montana Legend

Moose Drool - it’s a legend emblazoned in the hearts and minds of Montana residents (if you don’t believe us, check out our “Montana Gift Corral” article to see for yourself). Refreshing, adaptable, and with a name like Moose Drool, unforgettable. Now before you start questioning the sanity of folks living in the Treasure State, keep in mind that Moose Drool really has nothing to do with slobbery spit or the prehistoric looking creature that grazes on willows adorning Montana’s riverbanks. No, dear readers, Moose Drool has nothing to do with drool at all. What it does possess, though, leaves individuals longing for more.

Moose Drool originated with the Big Sky Brewing Company and has achieved such acclaim that it is now the best selling beer brewed in Montana. Pale, caramel, chocolate, and whole black malts combine to create a chocolate brown brewery favorite with an unforgettable creamy texture. Sold throughout the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain region, and some midwestern states, Moose Drool is the stuff of happy hour get-togethers, summer barbeques, autumn hunting excursions, and quiet evenings at home.

But Moose Drool’s fame isn’t just limited to this popular Montana ale. Boasting a name that symbolizes one of the Rocky Mountain’s most magnificent creatures, Moose Drool has adapted itself to a variety of other purposes. Mixes for beer bread, sourdough beer bread, biscuits, and fish beer batter all utilize Moose Drool, and a signature barbeque sauce combines the brown ale with complex huckleberry flavors to create a Montana bestseller. The name and logo are so popular in fact that t-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, mugs, glasses, and a host of other household items advertise their love of Montana’s beloved Moose Drool.

So check it out for yourself (the Montana Gift Corral is the perfect place to find all your Moose Drool memorabilia!) and discover the stuff that Montana legends are made of!

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