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Just after graduating college in May 2003, I moved to Montana. Since my move, I have been using the Ultimate Montana travel guide to design my adventures through the cities and backroads of Montana. My hiking, camping, fishing, dining, lodging, and travel experiences have been greatly enhanced by this incredibly easy to use book! This book is a must have for visitors and Montana residents alike. With the assistance of this book, I have been able to get a stellar introduction to the beautiful state of Montana, and will continue to use the book for my up and coming travels and excursions! A FANTASTIC book!!! — Eric Gilje from Billings, MT

For someone traveling in Montana, or a new resident, this book is a must! More information on traveling in Montana than all the others I've seen combined! — John Klinge from Bozeman, MT

At first glance this book appeared overwhelming. But , after studying and using it on trips I am finding it to be of great value. It fits in the pocket of the car door. As we travel, I can look up towns we are coming to and learn a quick history lesson and find where to stop for lunch, and make sure to take in the highlights. Well worth the value. — Frances C. Johnson from Marion, MT

I arrived in Bozeman with almost no knowledge of the area but eager to explore. The "Atlas" was all I needed to get pretty much wherever I wanted to go. I explored just about every nook and cranny of the greater Bozeman area and many of the surrounding paradises via drives and hikes I had found out about from the book. The book helped me scout out some beautiful camping spots and cabins which will be great for when I bring the whole family out this summer. The supporting background stories and trivia really made the areas I visited come alive. I can't wait for my next visit, and won't be leaving home without my "Ultimate Montana Atlas!" — Kim from Cambridge, MA

Ok, so we are wondering where in the USA we may want to move to...from (hot) sunny Florida. The kids are almost out of the nest and we are wondering if Montana is the state. Good grief, I had no idea I would get SO much information out of one book, on ONE state. This book is definitely the book to have if one is considering moving to or just visiting Montana. I can't imagine much is left out. I need not go on and on what is included, as "Reviewer: Larkin Vonalt from Livingston, MT USA" says it all.

I had a few other questions in my back pocket so I contacted the publisher, Michael Dougherty, who took the time to answer each one thoroughly. I can't think of another publisher that would do that.

All in all, if you are looking for information on Montana don't go any further, this book is it. Definitely earns the 5 star rating. — a reader from Largo, FL

This is the best guide book I've ever purchased. It's huge, with so many pictures and information - really all you'd ever need to know. The author has historical and local info, as well as reviews of restaurants, hotels, B&B's etc. Maps, phone numbers, detailed info on parks, and the book is organized very helpfully by different areas of the state. If only all travel books were this helpful! I recommend it very highly - even if you just want to learn more about Montana. I need one of these books for my own state. :) Enjoy! — a reader from Millsboro, DE

We are rolling around the idea of packing it all up and moving it to Montana. This is the most incredible book for such an endeavor!!! It gives weather and climate info, elevations, and every other thing I could have EVER thought to ask and all arramged by sections of the state! I am impressed. This is not for tucking in your back pocket though, it's extensive. —Christine Fellows from Youngstown, OH

This book is worth every penny. Don't just think about ordering a copy....get one!!! Ten Stars!!!! — a reader from Brainerd, MN

I have traveled around Montana for pleasure and work for many years. I took some pride in knowing the names of mountain ranges, the best little restaurants, and of course the nicest hot springs at which to spend the night. Then I picked up this guide and found out there was a whole lot more I could know about each of my favorite stops, not to mention the places I haven't been.

I have been to enough of these Montana communities that I know there is more than enough information in this guide, about any community in Montana, that now I take it with me when I travel the state to learn more about each community I pass through.

Once I understood the format, and used it as a tourist - serious about experiencing and learning about Montana - would, I new that I had gotten more than my monies worth.

If my daughter was still young, I would use this book to teach her interesting facts on Montana as we travel the state. — Eric Elander from Missoula, MT

The amount of information they pack in here is incredible. . . .I honestly can’t think of anything they could have added. While the other books just focus on the tourist highlights, and even leave out some parts of the state, this book leaves nothing out. It is packed with all sorts of roadside attractions and even includes the text of every highway historic marker. — a reader from Twin Falls, Idaho

In any case whether you're traveling from Alzada to Zortman, or Glacier to Yellowstone, or Scobey to the Monida pass, or just hitting the highlights as you speed through on Interstate 90, "The Ultimate Montana Atlas and Travel Guide" makes an excellent traveling companion and earns the space you give it behind the seat of the truck, in the glove box, the map pocket or under the seat. An excellent find. — a reader from Livingston, MT

All I can say is, if you're even thinking of visiting Montana, you would be frankly dumb not to have a copy of this book. — a reader from Sioux City, Iowa

A truly priceless book, and I highly recommend it to anyone even thinking of going to Montana. — a reader from Oakland, CA

If you're even thinking about going to Montana, this is a must buy. I have traveled to most states and as a result have a fairly large accumulations of travel guides. I have to say, this is probably one of the best I have seen. — a reader from Chicago, IL

Anyone planning a trip to Montana would be just plain stupid to not get a copy of this. — a reader from Torrance, CA

We found this book at a gas stop and it was like getting a Montana native in our car that knew every gas stop, place to eat, and place to stay. We're already planning a trip back there next summer, and will probably use this book until it falls apart in planning the trip.— a reader from Indianapolis, IN

It WAS a GREAT BOOK! The maps, the dining areas, the lodging, what's happened or what's happenings, all the "little" towns, the articles, scenic places, historical events...What more could you look for!!! — a reader from Dubuque, IA

I found your book on Montana in Costco and what a great book!!! Didn't use any of the other 5 books I took on my vacation about Montana. Great job!! Only wish we had one like it in Colorado. — a reader from Denver, CO

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