The Rosebud River - Historical Marker

The Rosebud River - Historical Marker

Rosebud 59326,Southeast Montana

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This stream was noted by Captain Wm. Clark July 28th, 1806, when he was descending the Yellowstone River.

In June, 1876, the columns of General Gibbon and General Custer, both under command of General Terry, met here, the former coming from the west and the latter from the east. They were under orders to campaign against the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians.

The Generals held a conference aboard the supply steamer “Far West” and it was decided that Custer take his column up the Rosebud on a fresh Indian trail which had been found by a scouting party under Major Reno. He started June 22nd. Terry and Gibbon were to proceed to the mouth of the Big Horn and follow that stream up to the valley of the Little Big Horn where they believed the hostiles would be found. Custer was expected to contact Gibbon June 26th and the two columns would cooperate in an attack.

Custer reached and attacked the Indian camp June 25th and his entire command was all but wiped out.


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