Black Eagle Falls

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Black Eagle Falls

Great Falls ,Great Falls Area

General info

The uppermost of the Great Falls of the Missouri bears west of this point. The name is a modern one derived from an entry for June 14th, 1805 in the journal of Capt. Meriwether Lewis of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. He discovered the falls on that date and wrote, “… below this fall at a little distance, a beautiful little Island well timbered is situated about the middle of the river. in this Island on a Cottonwood tree an Eagle has placed her nest; a more inaccessible spot I believe she could not have found; for neither man nor beast dare pass those gulphs which separate her little domain from the shores.”

After viewing the falls, Capt. Lewis ascended the hill to the former location of the smelter stack and saw “… in these plains and more particularly in the valley just below me immense herds of buffaloe.…”

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