Chief Mountain & Old North Trail

Chief Mountain & Old North Trail

Dupuyer 59486,Great Falls Area

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Location: Hwy. 89, north of Dupuyer

Chief Mountain, NINASTAQUAY, has always been known to the Blackfeet people. Identified on maps as King Mountain as early as 1796, this outstanding landmark has long been revered for its supernatural powers. Generations of Blackfeet have used Chief Mountain for fasting and prayer. In 1992, the Blackfeet Tribe, by Tribal Resolution, limited public access into the area.

The ancient Old North Trail, well worn by centuries of Indian travois, entered the United States from the north, a few miles west of present-day Port of Piegan Customs. It ran along the east slope of the Rocky Mountains from Edmonton, Alberta, to at least as far as Helena, Montana. Perhaps one of the great migration routes of early man, the Trail more recently served the Northwest Plains Indians as the route for war parties and exchanging goods between Canada and the United States. The Museum of the Plains Indian in Browning relates the story of Plains Indian culture including native travel patterns from earliest times to the present.


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