Egg Mountain

Egg Mountain

Choteau 59436,Great Falls Area

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Location: Go south on Hwy. 287 to sign for Pishkun Reservoir (at Triangle Meat Packing Plant). Head south on Bellview Rd. for approximately six miles to fork. Go right at the fork. Choteau. (406) 994-2251 or (406) 466-5332

Egg Mountain isn’t really a mountain, but a rounded hill among many other similar hills. It is known for the discovery of the first dinosaur egg in the Western Hemisphere. In 1978 more than 300 specimens of the duck-billed Maiasaura dinosaur were unearthed from a nesting area known as the Two Medicine Formation. That is where the name “Egg Mountain” was derived. The eggs were discovered by Jack Horner, paleontologist, the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman.

The land, now owned by the Nature Conservancy, covers about 3,600 square miles in a 2,000-foot-deep layer of sandstone dating back 80 million years. This mountain is a perfect place to acquaint oneself with these massive creatures of long ago.


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