Fort Peck Indian Reservation

Fort Peck Indian Reservation

Fort Peck 59248,Northeast Montana

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In 1886, the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes exercised their sovereign powers and signed an agreement with the United States Government to create the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. After three years of negotiations, the Congress of the United States ratified the agreement in 1888.

Today, descendants of six of the 33 bands of Assiniboines call the reservation home: the Canoe Paddlers, the Rock Band, the Red Bottom, the Cree Speakers, the Fat Horse Band, and the Canoe Paddlers of the Prairie Band. The Sioux represent all three divisions of the Dakota Indians. The largest of these groups is the Cuthead Yanktonai Band. Other bands include the Sisseton, Wahpeton and Hunkpapa Bands. The Yanktonais moved from northern Minnesota to the Dakotas and divided into the upper and lower divisions.

Today, over 10,000 members are enrolled as members of the Fort Peck Tribes. A little more than half of these reside on the reservation which covers 2,093,318 acres of land within the reservation boundaries. The reservation inhabitants pay high regard to the traditional ways of life. Each year they hold numerous tribal celebrations and encampments. The reservation was established in 1888. Much of the economy today is derived from manufacturing, ranching, farming and oil extraction.


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