Four Buttes, Poplar River and Rock Creek Badlands Route

Four Buttes, Poplar River and Rock Creek Badlands Route

Glasgow 59230,Northeast Montana

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Glasgow is your starting point for this trip. This trip is a 202-mile circle so plan your time accordingly. We’d recommend at least 2 days. This route will take you through endless miles of strip wheatfields and rolling grasslands. Head two miles east of town and take Route 24 north to Opheim. To the west of you, beyond a few farm roads, is some of the wildest prairie lands in the northern part of Montana—Bitter Creek.

After visiting Opheim go east on Highway 248. Along the way, you’ll pass through the towns of Glentana, Richland, Peerless, and Four Buttes. Stop at each one if you can.

A stop in Peerless isn’t complete without a visit to Dutch Henry’s Bar. The place is named for an outlaw who roamed these parts in times past. You actually learn a lot about the history of the area from the photos on the bar’s walls.

When you get to Four Buttes notice the stately buttes to the northwest from which the town got its name. Continue on to Scobey where you’ll want to be sure and visit Pioneer Town, arguably one of the finest exhibits of its kind in the west.

Head south out of Scobey on Highway 13 through the Poplar River Valley to Highway 2 and the Missouri River Valley. Turn right on Highway 2 to Wolf Point and on back to Glasgow.

For another tour of this area, drive west on Highway 2 to Hinsdale. Another railroad town, this one was named after a town in New Hampshire. Its first building was a boxcar which served as a railroad depot. North of here you will find some of the most spectacular and remote badlands in Montana. About three miles east of Hinsdale, pick up Rock Creek Road and head north. Within about 18 miles you’ll be skirting the western edge of a true prairie wilderness—the Bitter Creek region. There is a loop trip through these badlands which will take about eight hours. Check at the BLM office in Glasgow for a map and information about the loop. A 4-wheel drive vehicle is recommended for this side trip. The stretch along Rock Creek is true cowboy country. The ranches are big here and there is a lot of space between people.

When you return to Glasgow on Highway 2, take a side trip at the sign to Vandalia and take Highway 246 back to Glasgow via Vandalia and Tampico.


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