Madison Buffalo Jump State Park

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Madison Buffalo Jump State Park

23 miles west of Bozeman on /90 at Logan exit, than 7 miles south on Buffalo Jump Road.,Logan 59741,Bozeman Area

(406) 994-4042
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As early as 2000 years ago and as recently as 200 years ago, the trampling of hoofs could be heard as Indians stampeded herds of buffalo off the cliffs to claim their meat and fur. Buffalo bone piles up to 60 inches deep and tepee rings on the plateau have left an unmistakable record of this form of buffalo hunting.

The story of the site is described in an outdoor display. Diagrams and descriptions point out the location of rock piles that formed drive lanes, the area below the cliff where Indian women butchered the bison, and a more settled site where Indians processed their trappings. Here you can experience the history and the breathtaking view of the Madison Valley and the Tobacco Root Mountains from the overlook.

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