Dryhead Overlook


Billings 82431,Billings Area,Yellowstone County

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This is a long bumpy drive over a gravel road. Toward the end, it is not much more than a cattle trail. Four-wheel drive is almost mandatory here. If it’s anything but dry out, forget it. Those “Impassable When Wet” signs aren’t kidding. That being said, the drive here is worth it. At the end of the drive, you’ll be standing atop an 8,500-foot rim looking thousands of feet down into the Bighorn Canyon. It’s a view you normally only get from an airplane. Just before the Overlook, you’ll pass the Big Ice Cave picnic area. Stop here for a break and take the short walk to the ice cave. Continue up the road for another four miles till you get to the end. You’ll know when you get there. This is also the northern edge of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range. Keep your eyes open for these magnificent descendants of the horses left by the Spanish Conquistadors when they explored this area.

To get here, take Hwy. 310 to the little town of Warren just short of the Wyoming border. There is nothing more here than a limestone processing plant and railroad siding. Turn east at the plant, and then take an immediate left on the road heading north. Go about 10 miles to the first

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