Chief Plenty Coups State Park


Pryor Road,Pryor 59101,Billings Area,Big Horn County

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The fascinating and honorable life of Chief Plenty Coups is remembered at this location. He was the respected tribal chief of the Crow people from 1904-1932 and was the tribe’s most revered leader; loved by his people, as well as respected by white leaders. With many achievements during his leadership, he was the most respected chief the Crows would ever have and was not replaced after his death.

Chief Plenty Coups was a brave warrior and leader, enforcing his beliefs that education was the way to deal with the white man. He adapted to the changing times, replacing his tepee for a two-story cabin by the Pryor Mountain Range, where he cultivated the land. This was a show of peace to the white man, and he was a great mediator, explaining the importance of peace between all people.

After frequent trips to Washington D.C., in 1924 he was asked to represent American Indians in the dedication of the tomb of the unknown soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. Here, Plenty Coups gave an unforgettable short speech and prayer for peace.

Chief Plenty Coups donated his land and home to be used by all people of all races in friendship. At his death in 1932, the land became Chief Plenty

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