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Location: Hwy 10 E. of Bozeman

Captain Wm. Clark, of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, with a party of ten men, passed through this valley July 14, 1806, eastward bound, and guided by the Shoshone woman, Sacajawea. They camped that night at the toe of the mountains on the eastern edge of the valley. Captain Clark wrote in his journal: I saw Elk, deer and Antelopes, and great deel of old signs of buffalow. their roads is in every directionemence quantities of beaver on this Fork  and their dams very much impeed the navigation of it.

In the early 1860s John Bozeman, young adventurer, and Jim Bridger, grand old man of the mountains, guided rival wagon trains of emigrants and gold-seekers through here over the variously called Bonanza Trail, Bridger Cutoff, or Bozeman Road, from Fort Laramie, Wyo., to Virginia City, Mont. The trail crossed Indian country in direct violation of treaty and was a cut off used by impatient pioneers who considered the time saving worth the danger. Traffic was not congested.

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