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Located in the Snowcrest Range, this cabin is mostly used during the hunting season. The pasture can be rented for an additional fee by calling the Madison Ranger District.

• The cabin has one room and sleeps 2. It is equipped with propane lights & a propane stove for cooking. Instructions for propane lights and stoves are posted in the cabin. Please follow the instructions.

• There is a wood-burning stove for heat. Firewood is available for use in the cabin stove only.

• Basic kitchen utensils are available.

• Renters must call the district office with their reservation number at 406-682-4253 during office hours for the lock combination. Office hours are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Mountain Time) Mon-Fri, closed on weekends and Federal holidays.

• The loft is closed to public use.

• The outhouse is located approximately 100 feet southeast of the cabin.

• Bears frequent the area with mandatory food storage and refuse requirements in effect March 1 through December 1 annually. All food, garbage and animal carcasses must be properly stored and made unavailable to wildlife. Contact the Madison Ranger District for more details.

•Potential exposure to hantavirus due to the presence of mice droppings in cabins.

•Rodenticide may be in use in the cabin. Take appropriate precautions to avoid ingestion by children and pets.

•No garbage service provided. Please Pack it in, Pack it out.

•No cleaning service provided. Please clean the cabin before leaving. Cleaning supplies are provided.

•Please replenish the supply of split wood and kindling before leaving. Please do not chop wood on the porch.

•Bring your own water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.

•Livestock are not allowed within the fenced area around the cabin. Renters may rent the pasture outside the fenced cabin area for an additional $10 per day by calling the Madison Ranger District. A maximum of 4 horses is allowed. Hay and feed, including grain, must be certified weed seed free.

No drinking water.  Vault toilets.

$30/night fee.  $10/night additional for pasture use.  Available year-round.


The easiest access is from Dillon, Montana via Blacktail Creek Road.

From the only stoplight in downtown Dillon, on Montana Street, turn east on Helena Street and travel 4 blocks to a 3-way stop.

Turn south (right) and travel about one mile on Atlantic Street. -Turn east (left) on Chapman Street. Travel about 1/4 mile, turn left onto Blacktail Road. The road forks after about 1/2 mile, stay to right. Continue on Blacktail Road for about 40 miles to signed Antone Station turnoff, road #325. Turn northeast on road #325 and travel 5.5 miles to the cabin and end of the road. Gate combination is the same as a cabin. In winter, snowmobile travel may be necessary for 6 to 40 miles, depending on snow conditions and the severity of winter. The cabin can also be accessed through Centennial Valley. Maps (Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest South) may be purchased ($10.00) by calling the Madison Ranger District at 406-682-4253.

Courtesy of USDA Forest Service


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