The Shambo Stagecoach Station


Monida 59739,Butte Area,Beaverhead County

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Location: Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge

The historic Shambo waystation was once located on the opposite side of Shambo Pond. The station served as a livery and overnight stop for the M & Y stage line (Monida and Yellowstone) which acted as a link between the railhead at Monida, Montana and Yellowstone National Park. The original outfit consisted of twelve 11-passenger and four 3-passenger Concord coaches with eighty horses and forty employees in 1898.

By 1915 the line brought In over forty percent of the more than twenty thousand people who entered Yellowstone National Park. In that year the “Red Line” was operating forty-five 11-passenger four-horse coaches; eight 11-passenger four-horse stages; thirteen 3-passenger two-horse surries; and sixty-one 5-passenger two-horse surries.

It was a big-time operation. The M & Y Line sold three different excursion trips from Monida through the park with either a return to Monida or to an exit from another gateway. It took one day to get from Monida to Dwell’s, a ranch-hotel near the western boundary of the park—a distance of approximately 70 miles.

The Shambo family managed this station and were among the earliest

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