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Hot Springs

Hot Springs

Montana is full of natural hot springs.  Come soak after a long day exploring!

Montana is full of natural hot springs.  Come soak after a long day exploring!




1. Angela Well

 Rock Springs, Southeast Montana
The hottest and most isolated geothermal resources in Montana is on private property. More Info

2. Boulder Creek Campground

 Wise River, Butte Area
Across the street from the Wise River along the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway, this is a 13 site picturesque campground located in Mature Lodgepole pines. More Info

3. Boulder Hot Springs Historical Marker

 Boulder, Helena Area
For centuries Native Americans have been coming to these pure, flowing hot water springs for rest and healing. More Info

4. Upper Potosi Hot Springs

 Pony, Bozeman Area
Two primitive high-country hot springs pools on public land high in the Tobacco Root Mountains. More Info

5. Norris Hot Springs

 Norris, Bozeman Area
Near the Madison River, this swimming hole has changed very little since the 1880s era open-air wooden pool and bathhouse were built. The water in the privately-owned pool is about 105 degrees F. More Info
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

6. Beaverhead Scenic Loop Pioneer Mountains National Scenic Byway

 Wise River, Butte Area
The stretch from Jackson to Wisdom parallels the Big Hole River, one of the top blue-ribbon trout streams in America. More Info

7. Corwin Hot Springs

 Gardiner, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area
Corwin Hot Springs runs off into the Yellowstone River and is located on Forest Service land. Nearby is La Duke Springs which is extremely dangerous for soaking. More Info

8. Thompson River Road

 Thompson Falls, Northwest Montana
Whether you’re looking for some great secluded fishing spots or just a leisurely drive along a scenic mountain river, this is a delightful drive. More Info

9. Renova Hot Springs

 Waterloo, Butte Area
Pools along the shoreline are accessible year-round and located on public land. More Info

10. Elkhorn Hot Springs

 Elkhorn Hot Springs, Southwest Montana
The pools are open year-round with admission charged to soak in the pools at the rustic privately owned resort. There is also a dark and steamy “Grecian wet Sauna”, where temperatures average 105 degrees F. More Info

11. Warm Springs Campground

 Sula, Southwest Montana
Nestled in the pines along the Crazy Creek, there are 14 sites available on this peaceful campground. More Info

12. Lost Trail Hot Springs

 Southwest Montana
Here, natural mineral hot springs provide a soak in a rustic facility including a large medium-hot pool, a smaller hot pool, and a sauna. More Info

13. Symes Hot Springs Hotel & Mineral Baths

 Hot Springs, Northwest Montana
Built in 1928, the historic Symes Hot Springs Hotel is one of many privately owned hot springs in Montana. More Info

14. Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs

 Saco, Havre Area
The only hot springs along Montana’s Highline is actually a 3,500 foot deep well that produces more than 700 gallons of 108 degrees F. water per minute. There is an admission charge to soak in the three pools that are on private property. More Info

15. Jackson Hot Springs

 Jackson, Southwest Montana
The springs provide water for the entire town of Jackson in the Big Hole Valley. The privately-owned Jackson Hot Springs Lodge is open year-round for soaks in the Big Hole Valley. Admission is charged. More Info

16. Bozeman Hot Springs

 Bozeman, Bozeman Area
The Bozeman Hot Springs Spa and Fitness Center has been a popular destination in the Bozeman area for over 100 years. You will find a beautifully remodeled modern state-of-the-art health and fitness center and many pools to soak in. More Info

17. Lolo Hot Springs

 Lolo, Southwest Montana
At Lolo Hot Springs, visitors can enjoy the same soothing waters that bathed the weary members of the Lewis and Clark expedition 186 years ago. The hot spring pools are open year-round. More Info

18. Gigantic Warm Springs

 Lewistown, Central Montana
Begin this tour by taking U.S. 191 north of Lewistown about 9.5 miles; turn left on Montana Highway 81 and drive about 3.5 miles where you will see a sign. More Info

19. Braodwater Hot Springs

 Helena, Helena Area
Once an elegant hot springs resort stood near the location of the Broadwater Athletic Club and Hot Springs. The springs were originally developed with the arrival of gold prospectors to Last Chance Gulch in 1864. More Info

20. Spa Hot Springs Motel and Clinic

Native Americans traveling through this valley were the first to discover and make use of the hot springs that are now part of the Spa Hot Springs Motel. They believed that the hot mineral water had a strong medicinal effect

 White Sulphur Springs, Central Montana
Native Americans traveling through this valley were the first to discover and make use of the hot springs that are now part of the Spa Hot Springs Motel. They believed that the hot mineral water had a strong medicinal effect. More Info

21. Symes Hot Springs Hotel and Mineral Bath

 Hot Springs, Northwest Montana

22. Quinn's Hot Springs Resort

 Paradise, Missoula Area

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