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City and State Parks

City and State Parks

Montana State Parks provide remarkable opportunities to enjoy the outdoors!

Montana State Parks provide remarkable opportunities to enjoy the outdoors!




1. Bozeman Ponds

 Bozeman, Bozeman Area
The area has picnic tables, a pavilion, restrooms, and walking trails. A few years ago this pond received a complete makeover by the Bozeman Breakfast Optimist Club turning three separate ponds into one large one. More Info

2. Bogert Park & City Pool

 Bozeman, Bozeman Area
If you want to cool off in an outdoor pool and enjoy a picnic in a nice shady park, this is a great place. More Info

3. Ackley Lake State Park Campground

 Hobson, Central Montana
Ackley Lake has 15 campsites each with a picnic table and fire ring.  Vault toilets and 2 boat ramps, but no water. More Info

4. Bannack State Park Campground

 Bannack, Butte Area
Bannack was the site of the state’s first big gold strike in 1862 and the birthplace of Montana’s government. Gold was discovered in Grasshopper Creek on July 28, 1862. This strike set off a massive gold rush that swelled Bannack. More Info

5. Black Sandy State Park

 Helena, Helena Area
One of the few public parks on the shores of Hauser Reservoir, Black Sandy is an extremely popular weekend boating, fishing, and water skiing take-off point. More Info

6. Missouri Headwaters State Park

 Three Forks, Bozeman Area
If you love to see moving waters, this is the place. The park embraces the wild rivers of the Gallatin, Jefferson, and Madison that converge near Three Forks and flow into the Missouri River. More Info

7. Lake Elmo State Park

 Billings, Billings Area
Located in the Billings Heights area, the 64-acre Lake Elmo is a popular recreation area for locals and visitors. More Info

8. Flathead Lake State Park - West Shore Unit

 Kalispell, Flathead Area
The park’s glacially carved rock outcrops give spectacular views of Flathead Lake and the Mission and Swan Mountain Ranges. More Info

9. Makoshika State Park

 Glendive, Southeast Montana
Rising from the Yellowstone valley and surrounding prairies is a broad region of seeming disarray—bad lands. More Info

10. Beavertail Hill State Park Campground

 Clinton, Missoula Area
This campground offers 28 campsites, many are on the Clark Fork River. More Info

11. Logan State Park Campground

 Happys Inn, Northwest Montana
Surrounded by a 17-acre mature forest of western larch and ponderosa pine, this park is on the north shore of Middle Thompson Lake. More Info

12. Beavertail Hill State Park

 Clinton, Southwest Montana
Beavertail Hill State Park is 65 acres at 3,615 feet elevation that includes a half-mile of frontage on the Clark Fork River. Visitors enjoy fishing, floating, and camping in the shade provided by a stand of river cottonwoods. More Info

13. Cooney Lake State Park Campground

 Red Lodge Area
There are 82 campsites at this popular reservoir located near Red Lodge.  19 sites have hookups. Fishing for Walleye and Rainbow Trout are popular. More Info

14. Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park

 Three Forks, Bozeman Area
Located in the rugged Jefferson River Canyon, Lewis and Clark Caverns features one of the most highly decorated limestone caverns in the Northwest. More Info

15. East Gallatin Recreation Area

 Bozeman, Bozeman Area
Known simply as “the Beach” by locals, the lake here has a 300-acre beachfront which is a great spot for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking. More Info

16. Placid Lake State Park and Campground

 Seeley Lake, Missoula Area
This park provides a peaceful escape where visitors can participate in many lake-related activities. More Info

17. Big Spring Trout Hatchery

 Lewistown, Central Montana
This is the state’s largest coldwater production station for several species of trout and kokanee salmon. It is also the site of one of the largest natural springs in the world. More Info

18. Chief Plenty Coups State Park

 Pryor, Billings Area
The fascinating and honorable life of Chief Plenty Coups is remembered at this location. More Info

19. Flathead Lake State Park - Finley Point Unit and Campground

 Polson, Flathead Area
Finley Point is located in a secluded, mature conifer forest near the south end of Flathead Lake. More Info

20. Madison Buffalo Jump State Park

 Logan, Bozeman Area
As early as 2000 years ago and as recently as 200 years ago, the trampling of hoofs could be heard as Indians stampeded herds of buffalo off the cliffs to claim their meat and fur. More Info

21. Flathead Lake State Park - Yellow Bay Unit and campground

 Polson, Flathead Area
Located in the heart of Montana’s famous sweet cherry orchards, this park includes a walk-in tent area, Yellow Bay Creek, and a wide, gravelly beach. More Info

22. Frenchtown Pond State Park (Day Use Only)

 Frenchtown, Missoula Area
Frenchtown Pond State Park is a 41-acre recreational park which contains a spring-fed lake, making this an ideal area for fishing, swimming, and boating. More Info

23. Pictograph Cave State Park

 Billings, Billings Area
Pictograph Cave State Park is a truly unique glimpse into the past and a dreamland for archaeologists. More Info

24. Council Grove State Park (Day Use Only)

 Missoula, Missoula Area
Council Grove is the site where the Hellgate treaty was signed, which established the Flathead Indian Reservation. More Info

25. Everitt L. Sliter Memorial Park

 Bigfork, Flathead Area
From late-June to late-August musicians from around the state perform every Sunday night at 8 p.m. in the open amphitheater called Riverbend Stage. More Info

26. Painted Rocks State Park

 Darby, Southwest Montana
Painted Rocks received its name from the green, yellow, and orange lichens which cover the grey and black rock walls of the granitic and rhyolite cliffs. The lichen forms out of the symbiotic relationship between the algae growing on the cliffs. More Info

27. Parker Homestead State Park

 Three Forks, Bozeman Area
This is probably the smallest park in the system and officially lists visitation as zero. In fact, if you weren't looking for it, you would just pass right on by. More Info

28. Hell Creek State Park and Campground

 Jordan, Northeast Montana
Hell Creek Campground is located on the Hell Creek Arm of Fort Peck Lake. There are 55 campsites all but 10 have electrical hookups.  Each site has a picnic table and fire ring. More Info

29. Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park Campground

 Whitehall, Bozeman Area
Montana's first state park is the Lewis and Clark State Park.  There are limestone caverns with spectacular caves lined with stalagmites, stalactites, helictites, and columns. More Info

30. Flathead Lake State Park - Wild Horse Island

 Flathead Area
A glacier-scoured mountain rises from the depths of the 200 square mile Flathead lake to form Wild Horse Island. More Info

31. Prairie Dog Town State Park

 Greycliff, Livingston Area
This 98-acre facility is operated by the Parks Division of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to preserve the black-tailed prairie dog ecosystem for the public’s educational and viewing enjoyment. More Info

32. Flathead Lake State Park - Big Arm Unit

 Polson, Flathead Area
Locked on Flathead Lake’s Big Arm Bay, this park is a popular jump-off point for boat trips to Wildhorse Island. More Info

33. Trafton Park Campground

 Malta, Havre Area
About 20 campsites are available near Malta at Trafton Park Campground near the Milk River. More Info

34. Whitefish Lake State Park and Campground

 Whitefish, Flathead Area
This popular, 10-acre park has a mature spruce/fir forest which contributes to the ambiance of the campground and beach. Boating, swimming, and fishing opportunities are abundant. More Info

35. Thompson Falls State Park and Campground

 Thompson Falls, Northwest Montana
A mature, mixed pine forest makes this 36-acre park cool and private. Situated between the Kaniksu and Lolo National Forest.  More Info

36. Flathead Lake State Park - Wayfarers Unit

 Bigfork, Flathead Area
Located near the resort town of Bigfork on the northeast shore of Flathead Lake. More Info

37. Pirogue Island State Park

 Miles City, Southeast Montana
Pirogue Island is on the Yellowstone River just a few miles north of Miles City. The densely wooded area is an oasis for abundant wildlife including beavers, deer and many different species of birds. More Info

38. Tongue River Reservoir State Park Campground

 Decker, Southeast Montana
There are 6 different campgrounds ( Pee Wee North, Campers Point, Rattlesnake, Sand Point, and below the dam) that make up a total of 156 sites. More Info

39. Giant Springs State Park

 Great Falls, Great Falls Area
The Giant Springs Heritage State Park is a 218-acre facility which includes the spring, hatchery, and the regional headquarters and visitor center for the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. More Info

40. Wild Horse Island State Park

 Flathead Area
Wild Horse Island is considered by many locals to be the best watchable wildlife area in the state. More Info

41. Rosebud Battlefield State Park

 Busby, Billings Area
On June 17, 1876, 1300 soldiers, scouts, and miners were met in battle by an equal number of Sioux and Cheyenne. More Info

42. Lone Pine State Preserve

 Kalispell, Flathead Area
Located near Kalispell, Lone Pine offers outdoor wilderness close to the city. More Info

43. Lake Mary Ronan State Park Campground

 Dayton, Flathead Area
Seven miles west of the Flathead Lake is Lake Mary Ronan State Park and campground.  More Info

44. Woodland Park

 Kalispell, Flathead Area
Filled with all the ingredients for family fun, this park furnishes a pool with a waterslide, playground, rose garden, running/jogging/walking course, playing fields, horseshoe pits, picnic gazebos and barbeque pits. More Info

45. Painted Rocks State Park Campground

 Darby, Southwest Montana
This beautiful state park offers 25 campsites in the West Fork Valley of the Bitterroot Mountains.  More Info

46. Smith River State Park

 White Sulphur Springs, Helena Area
A 61-mile float trip down the remote Smith River Canyon provides outstanding scenery and excellent trout fishing. More Info

47. First Peoples Buffalo Jump

 Great Falls, Great Falls Area
For more than 1,000 years, prehistoric men and women of the Great Plains hunted bison by driving them over cliffs. More Info

48. Salmon Lake & Placid Lakes State Park

 Seeley Lake, Missoula Area
Salmon Lake and Placid Lake are part of the beautiful links in a chain of lakes fed by the Clearwater River. More Info

49. Lawrence Park

 Kalispell, Flathead Area
This park sits between the Stillwater River and the Buffalo Hills Golf Course. More Info

50. Sluice Boxes State Park

 Belt, Central Montana
A primitive trail follows an abandoned railroad grade through the scenic, Belt Creek Gorge of the Little Belt Mountains. More Info

51. Lost Creek State Park Campground

 Anaconda, Butte Area
The drive through this park takes you through a narrow 3,000 ft. deep canyon. The road is narrow and winding and not friendly to large trailers. In fact, several stretches of the road are single lanes only. Lost Creek Falls cascade over a 50-foot More Info

52. Wayfarers State Park Campground

 Bigfork, Flathead Area
There are 30 campsites on this northeast shore of the Flathead Lake campground. Beautiful place to watch the sunset. More Info

53. Fort Owen Monument State Park

 Stevensville, Southwest Montana
Fort Owen State Park in the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana is the site of many “firsts” in the state. Its history intertwines with that of Montana’s first Catholic church and is the site of the first permanent white settlement in Montana. More Info

54. Stodden Park and Community Pool

 Butte, Butte Area
Stodden Park is Butte’s main city park. There are tennis courts, a ball diamond, horseshoe pits, and large areas of shaded grassy areas for taking an afternoon nap while the kids play in the public swimming pool here. More Info

55. Elkhorn Ghost Town State Park

 Boulder, Helena Area
Wander through a once-thriving silver mining town. Booming in 1870, Elkhorn, with only a few residents, is now considered a ghost town by many. Many of the original buildings are still intact though they are privately owned. More Info

56. Halfbreed National Wildlife Refuge

 Billings, Red Lodge Area
Extending 125 miles up the Missouri River from the Fort Peck Dam in north-central Montana, the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is approximately 1,100,000 acres in size and includes the 245,000 acre Fort Peck Reservoir. More Info

57. Homestake Lake

 Butte, Butte Area
This is a pleasant spot to picnic, swim and do a little fishing. From the exit go north for 1.5 miles to the right-hand turn marked “Homestake Lake.” More Info

58. Hailstone National Wildlife Refuge

 Rapelje, Red Lodge Area
Hailstone National Wildlife Refuge is one of four satellite national wildlife refuges in central Montana that are part of the Charles M. Russell Complex. Satellite refuges are unstaffed national wildlife refuges that have been established. More Info

59. Traveler's Rest State Park

 Lolo, Southwest Montana
Travelers’ Rest State Park is home to a campsite used by Lewis and Clark in 1805 and 1806. On their journey westward, their Shoshone guide brought the Corps of Discovery to a timeworn Native American campsite. More Info

60. Cooney Lake State Park

 Roberts, Red Lodge Area
One of the most popular recreation areas in south-central Montana, the lake is actually a reservoir, with a great view of the Beartooths in the background. More Info

61. Clark's Lookout State Park

 Dillon, Butte Area
Clark’s Lookout State Park is located above the Beaverhead River and is a place that provided the Lewis and Clark Expedition with a view of the route ahead. More Info

62. Mount Helena City Park

 Helena, Helena Area
Mount Helena rises 1,300 feet above the Last Chance Gulch giving panoramic views of Helena and the surrounding area. An 800-acre city park is a perfect place for a walk or a hike on twenty miles of hiking trails with lots of mule deer in the area. More Info

63. Spring Meadow Lake State Park and Recreation Area

 Helena, Helena Area
Located on the western edge of Helena, this 30-acre spring-fed lake is noted for its clarity and depth. Open to non-motorized boats only, the lake is popular for swimming, sunbathing, scuba diving, wildlife viewing, and fishing. More Info

64. Fireman's Memorial Park

 Laurel, Red Lodge Area
In 2004 a memorial to honor Montana's firefighters was erected in Laurel Montana. More Info

65. Wild Bill Lake

 Red Lodge, Red Lodge Area
William Wild Bill Kurtzer, a local man, formed this lake in 1902 as a commercial recreation enterprise. The hand-built dam and water diversion system transformed a glacial depression into the lake you see today. More Info

66. Beaverhead Rock State Park

 Montana, Butte Area
Resembling the head of a swimming beaver, this natural landmark is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The site may be viewed and photographed from a distance, but is not directly accessible. More Info

67. Beaver Creek Park

 Havre, Havre Area
This mile wide and 17-mile long strip stretches along the north slopes of the Bear Paw Mountains. At 10,000 acres, it is one of the largest county parks in the country. More Info

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