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Cultural Attractions

Cultural Attractions

So much culture right here in Montana!

So much culture right here in Montana!




1. Battle At Canyon Creek

 Laurel, Red Lodge Area
In 1877, just after The Battle at the Big Hole, the Nez Perce, led by Chief Joseph, started heading towards Yellowstone National Park in hopes of fleeing to Canada. More Info

2. Carter County Museum

 Ekalaka, Southeast Montana
Features dinosaur fossil remains dating back 65 million years ago when many dinosaurs roamed this area. Among the paleontological finds housed within the museum is a mounted skeleton of an Anatotitan Copei, one of three known skeletons found. More Info

3. Valley County Pioneer Museum

 Glasgow, Northeast Montana
In Valley County, Montana, a person is still able to find the fossilized remains of prehistoric creatures. More Info

4. Oscar's Dreamland Yesteryear Museum/Oscar's Park

 Billings, Billings Area
Oscar Cooke had a dream of building the largest steam tractor museum in the world. He did. More Info

5. Cheyenne Indian Museum

 Ashland, Southeast Montana
The Cheyenne Indian Museum features artifacts and the history of the Plains Indians. A documentary film on the Saint Labre school is featured. More Info

6. Chief Plenty Coups Statue Marker

 Red Lodge, Red Lodge Area
Crow country once ranged from Three Forks to the Black Hills, from the Musselshell to the Big Horn Mountains. More Info

7. Little Bighorn Battlefield

 Crow Agency, Billings Area
Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument memorializes one of the last armed efforts of the Northern Plains Indians to preserve their ancestral way of life. More Info

8. Chief Plenty Coups State Park

 Pryor, Billings Area
The fascinating and honorable life of Chief Plenty Coups is remembered at this location. More Info

9. Big Hole Battlefield National Monument

 Wisdom, Southwest Montana
Big Hole National Battlefield is a memorial to the people who fought and died here on August 9 and 10, 1877; combatants in a five-month conflict that came to be called the Nez Perce War of 1877. More Info

10. Madison Buffalo Jump State Park

 Logan, Bozeman Area
As early as 2000 years ago and as recently as 200 years ago, the trampling of hoofs could be heard as Indians stampeded herds of buffalo off the cliffs to claim their meat and fur. More Info

11. Everitt L. Sliter Memorial Park

 Bigfork, Flathead Area
From late-June to late-August musicians from around the state perform every Sunday night at 8 p.m. in the open amphitheater called Riverbend Stage. More Info

12. Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux Cultural Center & Museum

 Fort Peck, Northeast Montana
This is a traditional teepee village located on the Missouri River near Wolf Point. More Info

13. Fort Owen Monument State Park

 Stevensville, Southwest Montana
Fort Owen State Park in the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana is the site of many “firsts” in the state. Its history intertwines with that of Montana’s first Catholic church and is the site of the first permanent white settlement in Montana. More Info

14. Powder River Historical Museum and Mac's Museum

 Broadus, Southeast Montana
The rich history of the area is captured in the Powder River Historical Museum. More Info

15. McCone County Museum

 Circle, Northeast Montana
Features the 35-year-old accumulated wildlife collection of Orville Quick and his sons. More Info

16. Granite County Museum & Cultural Center

 Philipsburg, Butte Area
This museum focuses on the mining legacy of the surrounding area. Upstairs in the museum, view the revolving historical exhibits, including archival photos, clothing, and artifacts from Granite County. More Info

17. Phillips County Museum

 Malta, Havre Area
Included in displays here are early plains Indian artifacts from the McClellan and Sullivan collections. More Info

18. Poplar Museum

 Poplar, Northeast Montana
Poplar Museum contains the best display of Native American culture to be found on the Fort Peck Reservation with superb beadwork and exquisite star quilts. More Info

19. Wolf Point Area Historical Museum

 Wolf Point, Northeast Montana
Wolf Point Museum is a small and very interesting museum containing a life-sized statue of the cowboy and artist Charles M. Russell, as well as artifacts from early-day white settlers and Native Americans. More Info

20. Range Riders Museum

 Miles City, Southeast Montana
From its humble beginnings in 1940s, the Range Riders Museum has become one of the finest museums in the northwest. More Info

21. The Jail House Gallery

 Hardin, Billings Area
This gallery promotes artists within Bighorn County and the Crow & Cheyenne Reservations. The exhibits change regularly. More Info

22. Traveler's Rest State Park

 Lolo, Southwest Montana
Travelers’ Rest State Park is home to a campsite used by Lewis and Clark in 1805 and 1806. On their journey westward, their Shoshone guide brought the Corps of Discovery to a timeworn Native American campsite. More Info

23. Clark's Lookout State Park

 Dillon, Butte Area
Clark’s Lookout State Park is located above the Beaverhead River and is a place that provided the Lewis and Clark Expedition with a view of the route ahead. More Info

24. Camp Fortunate and Clark Canyon Reservoir

 Dillon, Butte Area
Recreation on Clark Canyon Reservoir and Barrett’s Diversion Dam, located on the Beaverhead River south of Dillon, Montana, is managed by the Bureau of Reclamation. More Info

25. National Cheyenne Reservation

 Lame Deer, Southeast Montana
Approximately 5,000 Northern Cheyenne, along with members of other tribes, live in the rugged country of the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. More Info

26. Three Chiefs Culture Center

 Saint Ignatius, Missoula Area

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