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Rafting/ Float Trips/ ATV/ Guides and Adventure Services

Rafting/ Float Trips/ ATV/ Guides and Adventure Services

Montana has so many rivers to whitewater raft, float, and fish!

Montana has so many rivers to whitewater raft, float, and fish!




1. Ben Rover Cabin

 Polebridge, Glacier Park Area
The cabin is set along the North Fork of the Flathead River near the western border of Glacier National Park. Aspen trees dot the property as it backs up to a stand of conifers. More Info

2. Beartrap Canyon

 Norris, Bozeman Area
This part of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness is popular for hiking, fishing and whitewater sports on the Madison River. More Info

3. Cedar Creek Campground

 Swan Lake, Flathead Area
Cedar Creek Campground tucked in a beautiful wooded area located in the Swan River State Forest More Info

4. Apgar Campground

 Apgar, Glacier Park
Apgar is the largest campground in Glacier National Park.  More Info

5. Red Mountain Campground

 Norris, Bozeman Area
Red Mountain Campground is located alongside the Madison River.  There are 17 sites, each with a picnic table and fire ring.  More Info

6. Fairview Ranger Station

 Libby, Northwest Montana
This remote cabin was built in 1908 and served as an administration building for the Wolf Creek District of the Blackfeet National Forest. The Blackfeet NF was dissolved in 1935 becoming part of the Kootenai & Flathead NF. More Info

7. Canyon Campground

 Gardiner, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area
This 2 section pack in pack out campground is located 19.8 miles for the Yellowstone National Park entrance. More Info

8. Sloway Campground

 Spring Gulch, Missoula Area
This campground facilitates, RV, and equestrian camper in one section. Another section is available to all campers with some sites having the view of the Clarks Fork River. More Info

9. East Bank Campground

 Wise River, Butte Area
East Bank Campground is an 8 site campground located at 5,700ft elevation on the Big Hole River. More Info

10. Ford Cabin

 Polebridge, Glacier Park Area
The cabin is perched on a grassy field beside a stand of pine trees and near the North Fork of the Flathead River and Tepee Creek. The surrounding Glacier View Ranger District is bordered by the Middle Fork of the Flathead River and Glacier Park. More Info

11. Dickie Bridge Campground

 Wise River, Butte Area
At 5,700ft elevation on the Big Hole River lies the 10 campsite campground, Dickie Bridge. More Info

12. Divide Bridge Campground

 Butte, Butte Area
There are 21 campsites located on the Big Hole River.  Each site has a table and fire ring.  More Info

13. Pirogue Island State Park

 Miles City, Southeast Montana
Pirogue Island is on the Yellowstone River just a few miles north of Miles City. The densely wooded area is an oasis for abundant wildlife including beavers, deer and many different species of birds. More Info

14. Judith Landing Recreation Campground

 Big Sandy, Havre Area
This campground is located along the Scenic Missouri River. Many boaters take out here after going through the White Cliffs part of the river. More Info

15. Yaak River Campground

 Troy, Northwest Montana
There are 44 sites on this campground that are split by the Yaak River. The sites are secluded in a heavily wooded area. More Info

16. Eagle Creek Campground

 Gardiner, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area
This 17 site campground has breathtaking views of the Yellowstone National Park mountain views. More Info

17. Paddling Adventures around Billings

 Billings, Billings Area
This area around Billings has two canoeable rivers. The Yellowstone and the Tongue River. More Info

18. Notch Bottom Fishing Access and Campground

 Twin Bridges, Butte Area
The Notch Bottom Area offers fishing access and camping.  There are 7 campsites located on the Big Hole River. More Info

19. Pete Creek Campground

 Troy, Northwest Montana
This campground is next to Yaak River and Pete Creek. Beutiful campground with 13 secluded sites, each with a table and fire ring. More Info

20. Red Cliff Campground

 Big Sky, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area
Beautiful Red Cliff campground stretches 0.5miles along the Gallatin River. More Info

21. Whitetail Campground

 Troy, Northwest Montana
Along the shore of the Yaak River lies this attractive heavily wooded 11 site campground. Each site equipt with a table and fire ring. More Info

22. Moose Creek Flat Campground

 Big Sky, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area
These campsites overlook the Gallatin River. More Info

23. Toston Dam Recreation Site and Campground

 Toston, Helena Area
There is an Upper Toston Dam campground and a Lower Toston Dam campground. There are 7 campsites each with a picnic table and fire ring. More Info

24. Montana RiverGuides

Montana Whitewater Rafting near Missoula Since 1994

 Alberton, Missoula Area
Missoula Raft & Kayak Trips with Montana River Guides. Whitewater or scenic raft Trips. Family Trips. River boarding, Kayaking and SUP.Missoula's Best Summer Adventures on the Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers More Info

25. 10,000 Waves Raft & Kayak Adventures

Missoula Best Rafting & Kayaking Adventures.

 Missoula, Missoula Area
Rafting & Kayaking trips in Missoula Montana with 10,000 Waves Raft & Kayak Adventures. Fun, professional guides offering scenic and whitewater rafting and kayaking trips all summer on the Blackfoot and Clark Fork Rivers near Missoula, Montana. More Info

26. Whitefish Tours and Shuttle Service

 Montana, Glacier Park Area

27. Glacier Ridgge Runners ATV/ UTV Rentals

 Montana, Glacier Park Area

28. Bigfork Outdoor Rentals

 Bigfork, Flathead Area

29. Flathead Off Road Rentals

 Montana, Flathead Area

30. Great Northern Whitewater Raft & Resort

 West Glacier, Glacier Park Area

31. Glacier Guides and Montana Raft

 West Glacier, Glacier Park Area

32. Adventure Missoula Whitewater Rafting

 Missoula, Missoula Area

33. Narrow Path Adventures

 Bigfork, Flathead Area

34. Flyboard of Montana

 Montana, Flathead Area

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