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Fishing/ Fishing Access Sites

Whether reel or fly Montana has world-class fishing!

Whether reel or fly Montana has world-class fishing!




1. Missouri Headwaters State Park

 Three Forks, Bozeman Area
If you love to see moving waters, this is the place. The park embraces the wild rivers of the Gallatin, Jefferson, and Madison that converge near Three Forks and flow into the Missouri River.

2. Sandstone Reservoir Recreation Area

 Baker, Southeast Montana
This 372 acre reservoir located just 12 miles from Baker offers free camping and fishing.

3. Pirogue Island State Park

 Miles City, Southeast Montana
Pirogue Island is on the Yellowstone River just a few miles north of Miles City. The densely wooded area is an oasis for abundant wildlife including beavers, deer and many different species of birds.

4. Tongue River Reservoir State Park

 Decker, Southeast Montana
The Tongue River Reservoir State Park was formed when the Tongue River was dammed, resulting in a 12-mile long reservoir that winds through scenic red shale, juniper canyons and open prairies of southeastern Montana.

5. Bozeman Ponds

 Bozeman, Bozeman Area
The area has picnic tables, a pavilion, restrooms, and walking trails. A few years ago this pond received a complete makeover by the Bozeman Breakfast Optimist Club turning three separate ponds into one large one.

6. Beartrap Canyon

 Norris, Bozeman Area
This part of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness is popular for hiking, fishing and whitewater sports on the Madison River.

7. Kobayashi Beach on Ennis Lake

 McAllister, Bozeman Area
Kobayashi Beach is a favorite locals hangout.

8. Hyalite Canyon Recreation Area

 Bozeman, Bozeman Area
This is the most used recreation area in the state and for good reason. A beautiful mountain lake sits at the end of a beautiful drive up the canyon of Hyalite Creek.

9. Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

 Fort Smith, Billings Area
The lake and the steep-sided canyons provide a peaceful setting for those seeking a break from the daily routine.

10. Riverfront Park

 Billings, Billings Area
Located on the Yellowstone River, this park is a great place to relax, walk, jog, fish and enjoy a picnic.

11. Yellowtail Dam Visitor Center & Power Plant

 Fort Smith, Billings Area
The dam spans 1,480 feet across the Bighorn Canyon and stands 525 feet tall.

12. Lake Elmo State Park

 Billings, Billings Area
Located in the Billings Heights area, the 64-acre Lake Elmo is a popular recreation area for locals and visitors.

13. Chief Plenty Coups State Park

 Pryor, Billings Area
The fascinating and honorable life of Chief Plenty Coups is remembered at this location.

14. Fly Fishers International and Museum

 Livingston, Livingston Area
This Fly Fishing Center is the only one of its kind in the nation. The center has live fish, explanations about fish habits and habitats, informative displays, a coldwater fish room.

15. The Humbug Spires Primitive Area

 Butte, Butte Area
Named for its unique granite peaks, this primitive area is part of a geologic system of large-scale volcanic intrusions known as the Boulder Batholith, which extends north beyond Helena and south into Idaho.

16. Thompson River Road

 Thompson Falls, Northwest Montana
Whether you’re looking for some great secluded fishing spots or just a leisurely drive along a scenic mountain river, this is a delightful drive.

17. Tally Lake State Park

 Flathead Area
At 500 feet deep, Tally Lake is reputed to be the deepest natural lake in Montana.

18. Logan State Park Campground

 Happys Inn, Northwest Montana
Surrounded by a 17-acre mature forest of western larch and ponderosa pine, this park is on the north shore of Middle Thompson Lake.

19. Thompson Falls State Park and Campground

 Thompson Falls, Northwest Montana
A mature, mixed pine forest makes this 36-acre park cool and private. Situated between the Kaniksu and Lolo National Forest. 

20. Kootenai National Forest

 Northwest Montana
Libby is in the heart of the forest.

21. Wild Horse Island State Park

 Flathead Area
Wild Horse Island is considered by many locals to be the best watchable wildlife area in the state.

22. Flathead National Forest

 Bigfork, Flathead Area
Horseback riding fun! Located in northwestern Montana in the Rocky Mountain Province, lies the Flathead National Forest.

23. Flathead Lake

 Flathead Area
This beautiful lake is renowned for boating, sailing, fishing, camping, and swimming.

24. Hungry Horse Dam & Reservoir

 Martin City, Flathead Area
The nation’s 10th tallest dam towers over the South Fork of the Flathead River just a few miles from the town of Hungry Horse.

25. Lake Mary Ronan

 Lake Mary Ronan, Flathead Area
Located on the east shore of Lake Mary Ronan, this 76-acre park is shaded by a forest of douglas fir and western larch.

26. Swan Lake Recreation Area

 Swan Lake, Flathead Area
Swan Lake Recreation Area is located near Swan Lake village in northwest Montana at the north end of the Swan Valley.

27. Flathead Lake State Park - West Shore Unit

 Kalispell, Flathead Area
The park’s glacially carved rock outcrops give spectacular views of Flathead Lake and the Mission and Swan Mountain Ranges.

28. Flathead Lake State Park - Wild Horse Island

 Flathead Area
A glacier-scoured mountain rises from the depths of the 200 square mile Flathead lake to form Wild Horse Island.

29. Flathead Lake State Park - Finley Point Unit and Campground

 Polson, Flathead Area
Finley Point is located in a secluded, mature conifer forest near the south end of Flathead Lake.

30. Flathead Lake State Park - Yellow Bay Unit and campground

 Polson, Flathead Area
Located in the heart of Montana’s famous sweet cherry orchards, this park includes a walk-in tent area, Yellow Bay Creek, and a wide, gravelly beach.

31. Whitefish Lake State Park and Campground

 Whitefish, Flathead Area
This popular, 10-acre park has a mature spruce/fir forest which contributes to the ambiance of the campground and beach. Boating, swimming, and fishing opportunities are abundant.

32. Placid Lake State Park and Campground

 Seeley Lake, Missoula Area
This park provides a peaceful escape where visitors can participate in many lake-related activities.

33. Salmon Lake & Placid Lakes State Park

 Seeley Lake, Missoula Area
Salmon Lake and Placid Lake are part of the beautiful links in a chain of lakes fed by the Clearwater River.

34. Frenchtown Pond State Park (Day Use Only)

 Frenchtown, Missoula Area
Frenchtown Pond State Park is a 41-acre recreational park which contains a spring-fed lake, making this an ideal area for fishing, swimming, and boating.

35. Ranching Country and Milk River Route

 Malta, Havre Area
This tour through this section's northeast country begins in Malta on U.S. Highway 2, the Hi-Line highway.

36. Hell Creek State Park and Campground

 Jordan, Northeast Montana
Hell Creek Campground is located on the Hell Creek Arm of Fort Peck Lake. There are 55 campsites all but 10 have electrical hookups.  Each site has a picnic table and fire ring.

37. Spring Creek Tour

 Lewistown, Central Montana
From Lewistown drive 4.5 miles south on MT 238 to MT 466. Go right and drive two miles.

38. Ackley Lake State Park Campground

 Hobson, Central Montana
Ackley Lake has 15 campsites each with a picnic table and fire ring.  Vault toilets and 2 boat ramps, but no water.

39. Sluice Boxes State Park

 Belt, Central Montana
A primitive trail follows an abandoned railroad grade through the scenic, Belt Creek Gorge of the Little Belt Mountains.

40. Smith River State Park

 White Sulphur Springs, Helena Area
A 61-mile float trip down the remote Smith River Canyon provides outstanding scenery and excellent trout fishing.

41. Black Sandy State Park

 Helena, Helena Area
One of the few public parks on the shores of Hauser Reservoir, Black Sandy is an extremely popular weekend boating, fishing, and water skiing take-off point.

42. Georgetown Lake

 Anaconda, Butte Area
Georgetown Lake, well-known for its superb fishing and stunning grandeur.

43. Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge

 Stevensville, Southwest Montana
Located in the Bitterroot Valley of southwestern Montana; 25 miles south of Missoula. Majestic scenery dominates with the 9,000 foot Bitterroot Mountains located across the Bitterroot River to the west.

44. Lake Como Recreation Area

 Darby, Southwest Montana
Originally called “Lake of the White Moose” by the Indians because of an albino moose that once visited its shores, the scenic 906-acre lake is now the setting of many water sports.

45. Deer Lodge/Champion Pass/Bernice Scenic Drive

 Deer Lodge, Butte Area
The drive will take approximately three to four hours in which there are four campgrounds along the route to stop for a picnic or fishing along Boulder Creek.

46. Skalkaho Highway Scenic Drive

 Philipsburg, Butte Area
The drive is very scenic and will take you over Skalkaho Pass, passing a waterfall and picnic area.

47. Rock Creek Scenic Drive

 Philipsburg, Butte Area
The drive is very scenic and provides excellent fishing opportunities along Rock Creek.

48. Beavertail Hill State Park

 Clinton, Southwest Montana
Beavertail Hill State Park is 65 acres at 3,615 feet elevation that includes a half-mile of frontage on the Clark Fork River. Visitors enjoy fishing, floating, and camping in the shade provided by a stand of river cottonwoods.

49. Painted Rocks State Park

 Darby, Southwest Montana
Painted Rocks received its name from the green, yellow, and orange lichens which cover the grey and black rock walls of the granitic and rhyolite cliffs. The lichen forms out of the symbiotic relationship between the algae growing on the cliffs.

50. Montana Gulch Campground

 Landusky, Havre Area
Near Landusky, Montana, located in the scenic Little Rockies, the quiet Montana Gulch Campground offers shaded stream-side spots.

51. Boulder Creek Campground

 Wise River, Butte Area
Across the street from the Wise River along the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway, this is a 13 site picturesque campground located in Mature Lodgepole pines.

52. Lodgepole Campground

 Wise River, Butte Area
10 campsites sit at 6,400ft elevation along the Pioneer Mountains National Scenic Byway.

53. Madison River Campground

 Cameron, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area
This 10 site campground at 5,900ft elevation is located along the Madison River. The view of the river can be seen from every campsite.

54. Miner Lake Campground

 Jackson, Butte Area
In a heavily wooded pine area adjacent to Miner Lake there are 18 campsites, some overlook the lake.

55. Mussigbrod Campground

 Wisdom, Butte Area
This 10 site pack in pack out campground is located adjacent to Mussigbrod Lake. Situated in tall pines, some sites overlook the lake.

56. Reservoir Lake Campground

 Dillon, Butte Area
This campground is at 7,000ft elevation adjacent to Reservoir Lake. There are 16 sites with tables and fire rings and a few sites overlook the lake.

57. Riverview Campground

 Cameron, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area
20 sites available with tables and fire rings on a single loop campground above the Madison River. A few sites have a view of the river but all have the view of the mountains.

58. Seymour Creek Campground

 Wise River, Butte Area
This pack in pack out heavily wooded campground is at 6,700ft elevation. Open all year with services available Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.

59. Twin Lakes Campground

 Wisdom, Butte Area
This 19 site campground, 17 having tables and grilles, is located at 7,200ft elevation in heavy pine woods.

60. Wade Lake Campground

 West Yellowstone, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area
At 6,400ft elevation, this 25 site campground is located on the spring-fed Wade Lake. Some sites overlook the lake.

61. Charles Waters Campground

 Florence, Southwest Montana
Named after Dr. Charles Waters who studied forest tree disease in an outdoor laboratory.

62. Indian Trees Campground

 Sula, Southwest Montana
The 16- site campground with tables and grilles gets its name from the Nez Perce Indians that would strip back bark to extract cambium, a chewy delicacy.

63. Lake Como Campground

 Darby, Southwest Montana
Located below Lake Como, this is a 12 site campground located on a single loop. This is bear country so food should be stored in bear-resistant containers.

64. Rock Creek Horse Campground

 Darby, Southwest Montana
Located on the south end of Lake Como, the 11 site campground with tables and grilles also has 7 RV pull throughs with no hookups.

65. Rombo Campground

 Darby, Southwest Montana
Along the West Fork of the Bitterroot River lies this 15 site campground. Open all year round with services available May 26 through September 10.

66. Sam T. Billings Memorial Campground

 Darby, Southwest Montana
This pack in pack out campground is adjacent to the Boulder Creek and Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness.

67. Spring Gulch Campground

 Sula, Southwest Montana
A 12 site campground is located between the East Fork of the Bitterroot River and US 93.

68. Three Frogs Campground

 Darby, Southwest Montana
This 2 loop campground with 20 sites overlooks Lake Como. There are tables and fire rings at each site.

69. Warm Springs Campground

 Sula, Southwest Montana
Nestled in the pines along the Crazy Creek, there are 14 sites available on this peaceful campground.

70. Basin Campground

 Red Lodge, Red Lodge Area
At 6,740ft elevation, this 29 site campground is located on the West Fork of Rock Creek.

71. Cascade Campground

 Red Lodge, Red Lodge Area
This campground has two loops on the West Fork of Rock Creek: elevation 7,340ft. Thick woods with mountain views surround this site.

72. East Rosebud Campground

 Absarokee, Red Lodge Area
Located in the valley of the Beartooth Mountains overlooking the East Rosebud Lake, this 14 site campground is popular for its hikes and fishing for Rainbow Trout.

73. Emerald Lake Campground

 Fishtail, Red Lodge Area
This 31 site campground at 6,180ft elevation is located above Emerald Lake and along the West Rosebud Creek.

74. Greenough Lake Campground

 Absarokee, Red Lodge Area
Open all year round, this 18 site campground at 6,220ft elevation is located on the Main Fork of Rock Creek with a view of the Beartooth Mountain Range.

75. Limber Pine Campground

 Red Lodge, Red Lodge Area
At 6,960ft elevation, this campground is near the Main Fork of Rock Creek. One mile from the campground is the Parkside Recreational Trailhead.

76. M-K Campground

 Red Lodge, Red Lodge Area
This pack in pack out campsite is located above the Main Fork of Rock Creek at 7,240ft elevation.

77. Parkside Campground

 Red Lodge, Red Lodge Area
This 25 site campground is adjacent to the Main Fork of Rock Creek at 6,940ft elevation. There are two loops in this heavily wooded area.

78. Pine Grove Campground

 Fishtail, Red Lodge Area
With 46 sites and 7 pull through with no hookups, this campground is located on both banks of West Rosebud Creek.

79. Sage Creek Campground

 Bridger, Red Lodge Area
This 11 site pack in pack out campground is located above Sage Creek.

80. Woodbine Campground

 Nye, Red Lodge Area
Nestled next to the Stillwater River are 44 campsites. Surrounded by the Beartooth Mountain Range and the Big Horn Sheep’s Winter Range.

81. Cable Mountain Campground

 Philipsburg, Butte Area
The old logging roads near this 11 site campground is poular for ATV and motorbike riding. It is located across the road from North Fork Flint Creek.

82. Delmoe Lake Campground

 Butte, Butte Area
Overlooking Delmoe Lake, this 24 site campground has two loops. There are 7 pull throughs with no hookups.

83. Flint Creek Campground

 Philipsburg, Butte Area
Located adjacent to Flint Creek with some sites overlooking the creek, this campground has 16 sites with one pull through and no hookups.

84. Lodgepole Campground

 Philipsburg, Butte Area
AT 6,420ft elevation, this 30 site campground is across from Georgetown Lake.

85. Phillipsburg Bay Campground

 Philipsburg, Butte Area
Adjacent to Georgetown Lake is this 3 loop campground. There are 67 sites. Each with a table and fire ring.

86. Piney Campground

 Philipsburg, Butte Area
In thick pine woods, this 47 site campground has sites that are adjacent to or overlook the Georgetown Lake.

87. Racetrack Campground

 Deer Lodge, Butte Area
Located along Racetrack Creek is this 12 site pack in pack out campground. Each site has a table and fire ring.

88. Spillway Campground

 Philipsburg, Butte Area
Adjacent to the East Fork Reservoir is this 13 site pack in pack out campground.

89. Stony Creek Campground

 Philipsburg, Butte Area
This pack in pack out 10 site campground is located at 4,600ft elevation. It is across from Rock Creek and has views of the Squaw Rock formation.

90. Big Creek Campground

 Columbia Falls, Flathead Area
Located along the North Fork of the Flathead River, this 22 site campground has many sites that overlook the river.

91. Emery Bay Campground

 Hungry Horse, Glacier Park Area
This 26 site campground is located on a bluff overlooking the Hungry Horse Reservoir.

92. Holland Lake Campground

 Seeley Lake, Flathead Area
There are two loops with a total of 39 sites all are situated on this beautiful picturesque 416-acre Holland Lake.

93. Lid Creek Campground

 Hungry Horse, Glacier Park Area
This campground consists of a large loop with 22 sites along the 27,750-acre Hungry Horse Reservoir.

94. Lost Johnny Point Campground

 Hungry Horse, Glacier Park Area
This campground is adjacent to the 23,750 a-acre Hungry Horse Reservoir.

95. Murray Bay Campground

 Hungry Horse, Glacier Park Area
This campground offers 22 campsites, 2 pull throughs without hookups, situated on a bluff overlooking the Hungry Horse Reservoir.

96. Spotted Bear Campground

 Hungry Horse, Flathead Area
Located near the South Fork of the Flathead River and Spotted Bear Rivers on the south end of the Hungry Horse Reservoir, this pretty campground offers 12 campsites, each with a table and fire ring.

97. Swan Lake Campground

 Swan Lake, Flathead Area