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Horseback and Trail Rides/ Pakc Trips/  Sleigh Rides

Horseback and Trail Rides/ Pakc Trips/ Sleigh Rides

Horse trails, lessons, day trips, gear, and more! 

Horse trails, lessons, day trips, gear, and more! 




1. Calf Creek Cabin

 Neihart, Central Montana
The cabin sits along Calf Creek at an elevation of 5,400 feet in the Little Belt Mountains. The region boasts a dense coniferous forest with mixed fir, spruce, and pine trees. More Info

2. Cedar Creek Campground

 Swan Lake, Flathead Area
Cedar Creek Campground tucked in a beautiful wooded area located in the Swan River State Forest More Info

3. Bull River guard Station

 Noxon, Northwest Montana
The Bull River Guard Station was built in 1908 as the Ranger's house and office. This structure was a primary ranger station from 1908 to 1920, surviving the legendary 1910 fires that swept through the area. More Info

4. Granite Butte Lookout

 Lincoln, Missoula Area
While renting the Lookout, visitors can literally walk out onto the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail and enjoy a variety of day hike opportunities in the summer and cross-country skiing opportunities in the winter! More Info

5. Bear Creek Campground

 Ennis, Bozeman Area
At the base of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area at 6,350 elevation, this is a single loop 12 site campground. More Info

6. Soup Creek Campground

 Swan Lake, Flathead Area
There are 9 tent sites and 9 trailer sites at the Soup Creek Campground located in the Swan River State Forest.  More Info

7. Black Butte Cabin

 Ennis, Bozeman Area
A number of hiking and horseback riding trails originate along the road adjacent to the cabin and explore various drainages in the area. Hikers can also summit Black Butte, just over the ridge from the cabin. More Info

8. Bear Creek Bunkhouse Cabin

 Ennis, Bozeman Area
The facility is located at the edge of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness, at the foot of the Madison Range. The bunkhouse is situated at an elevation of 6,250 feet, amid open meadows that are surrounded by mature aspen and Douglas fir trees. More Info

9. Antone Station Cabin

 Dillon, Butte Area
The historic log cabin is located along the grassy foothills at the southern end of the Snowcrest Range, at an elevation of 8,100 feet. Together with the nearby Gravelly Range, the area is one of Montana's most popular hunting grounds. More Info

10. Bear Creek Campground

 Gardiner, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area
This 12 designated site campground sits at 6,350ft elevation in the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest.  More Info

11. Owl Creek Cabin

 Condon, Flathead Area
The cabin is located in Swan Valley, just south of Holland Lake, at an elevation of 4,200 feet. The building backs up to a stand of mixed conifers, including lodgepole pine and Douglas fir trees. More Info

12. Camp Creek Campground

 Zortman, Havre Area
Camp Creek Campground is a 20 unit site located in the scenic Little Rockies and consists of Horse Corral Campground and Buffington Day Use Area. More Info

13. Point Pleasant Campground

 Swan Lake, Flathead Area
There are 12 tent sites and 12 trailer sites at the Point Pleasant Campground located in the Swan River State Forest.  More Info

14. Lodgepole Campground

 Wise River, Butte Area
10 campsites sit at 6,400ft elevation along the Pioneer Mountains National Scenic Byway. More Info

15. Lake Como Recreation Area

 Darby, Southwest Montana
Originally called “Lake of the White Moose” by the Indians because of an albino moose that once visited its shores, the scenic 906-acre lake is now the setting of many water sports. More Info

16. Crazy Creek Campground

 Sula, Southwest Montana
There are 7 campsites at Crazy Creek Campground located in the Bitterroot National Forest. More Info

17. Potosi Campground

 Pony, Bozeman Area
There are two loops of sites in this heavily wooded area with Willow Creek running down the middle. There is an upper loop and lower loop. More Info

18. West Boulder Cabin

 Mc Leod, Livingston Area
West Boulder Cabin sits at an elevation of 5,538 feet on the edge of a meadow near the mouth of the West Boulder River Canyon. The cabin just steps away from the river and adjacent to the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. More Info

19. Tally Lake State Park

 Flathead Area
At 500 feet deep, Tally Lake is reputed to be the deepest natural lake in Montana. More Info

20. Judith Landing Recreation Campground

 Big Sandy, Havre Area
This campground is located along the Scenic Missouri River. Many boaters take out here after going through the White Cliffs part of the river. More Info

21. Moose Lake Cabin

 Philipsburg, Butte Area
The cabin is located on the Middle Fork of Rock Creek (Moose Lake Road, FR 5106) near the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness. It sits at the edge of an open meadow, surrounded by evergreens and nearby peaks. More Info

22. West Bridger Station Cabin

 Greycliff, Livingston Area
West Bridger Cabin is nestled in a valley along West Bridger Creek. It sits at an altitude of 4,847 feet in a clearing surrounded by the Beartooth Mountains, some of which are densely forested with evergreens. More Info

23. Tuchuck Campground

 West Glacier, Glacier Park Area
The Tuchuck Campground is at 4,500ft elevation in the Flathead National Forest. More Info

24. East Fork Cabin

 Sula, Southwest Montana
East Fork Cabin offers a visitors a unique chance to camp in the Bitterroot National Forest of southwestern Montana. The cabin takes visitors back to a rustic, old-time setting and provides access to a variety of recreational opportunities. More Info

25. Twogood Cabin

 Sula, Southwest Montana
The rustic cabin is situated on Porcupine Creek, in a road-less area of the southern Bitterroot Mountains, at an elevation of about 5,600 feet. It was built in 1952 by Harry Twogood and Clifford Wetzsteon and was used throughout the 1970s. More Info

26. Halfbreed National Wildlife Refuge

 Billings, Red Lodge Area
Extending 125 miles up the Missouri River from the Fort Peck Dam in north-central Montana, the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is approximately 1,100,000 acres in size and includes the 245,000 acre Fort Peck Reservoir. More Info

27. Accurate Outfitters Horseback Riding

 Hamilton, Southwest Montana

28. Montana Horse Works

 Montana, Flathead Area

29. Firefly Horse Company

 Columbia Falls, Glacier Park Area

30. Rich Ranch Horseback Riding

 Seeley Lake, Missoula Area

31. Cheff Ranch and Legacy Outfitters

 Ronan, Missoula Area

32. Bar W Guest Ranch

 Whitefish, Flathead Area

33. Lonesome Dove Guest Ranch

 Kalispell, Flathead Area

34. Heavenly Horses Equine Activities & Rides

 Noxon, Northwest Montana

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