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 Nature and Western photography, sculptures, paintings, woodwork, and glass art are just a small selection local artists have to offer at Montana Art Galleries.

 Nature and Western photography, sculptures, paintings, woodwork, and glass art are just a small selection local artists have to offer at Montana Art Galleries.




1. Emerson Cultural Center

 Bozeman, Bozeman Area
The Emerson Cultural Center is home to many visual and performing arts as well as galleries that rotate exhibits of contemporary, Native American, and local artists’ work. More Info

2. Meagher County Historical Association

 White Sulphur Springs, Central Montana
This castle is filled with historic furnishings and memorabilia. The history provides the visitors with a glimpse into the lives of the people who lived in this area. A guided tour is provided. More Info

3. Marias Museum of History & Art

 Shelby, Great Falls Area
This museum is known for its collection of memorabilia from the celebrated Heavyweight Championship in 1923 when Jack Dempsey held off Tommy Gibbons for 15 rounds. More Info

4. Museum of Fine Arts

 Missoula, Missoula Area
The museum is located on the university campus and collects, exhibits, and preserves works of art for the education of university students, the scholarly study of research professionals and the enjoyment of the public. More Info

5. Lewistown Art Center

 Lewistown, Central Montana
This eclectic structure is a combination of bits and pieces of old buildings and other items collected from throughout Central Montana. More Info

6. Valley County Pioneer Museum

 Glasgow, Northeast Montana
In Valley County, Montana, a person is still able to find the fossilized remains of prehistoric creatures. More Info

7. Missoula Museum of the Arts

 Missoula, Missoula Area
This museum is housed in the old Carnegie Library and has a small permanent collection. More Info

8. Galerie Trinitas

 Great Falls, Great Falls Area
This gallery contains many of the works of Sister Mary Trinitas. More Info

9. John L. Clarke Western Art Gallery & Memorial Museum

 East Glacier Park Village, Flathead Area
John L. Clarke and Montana artists' work is featured here. More Info

10. Utica Historical Museum

 Utica, Central Montana
The museum is a large collection of artifacts from the Homestead Era. Everything from household items to farm tools. More Info

11. Ninepipes Museum of Early Montana

 Missoula, Missoula Area
Ninepipes Museum is named after Chief Joseph Ninepipes, a Chief of the Bitterroot Salish. More Info

12. Holter Museum of Art

 Helena, Helena Area
This museum exhibits quality visual arts in all media from local, national, and international artists, as well as traveling shows. More Info

13. Copper Village Museum & Art Center

 Anaconda, Butte Area
A dream of copper magnate Marcus Daly was to make Anaconda the state capital. For that reason, he spared no expense in making Anaconda’s buildings spectacular. More Info

14. Museum of the Northern Great Plains

 Fort Benton, Havre Area
The Museum of the Northern Great Plains is a 30,000 square feet facility that tells a story from1908 through 1980 of three generations of farmers. More Info

15. Montana Historical Society Museum

 Helena, Helena Area
This is Montana’s largest museum displaying artifacts covering 12,000 years of history. Paintings of Montana landscapes and people give a rich perspective into life in Montana through the eyes of artists. More Info

16. Mondak Heritage Center

 Sidney, Northeast Montana
This is a history museum and a regional art center. It includes an extensive historical library. A wide, curving staircase delivers you to a complete “town” that has been re-created and furnished down to the last detail with artifacts. More Info

17. The Jail House Gallery

 Hardin, Billings Area
This gallery promotes artists within Bighorn County and the Crow & Cheyenne Reservations. The exhibits change regularly. More Info

18. Altitude Gallery

 Bozeman, Bozeman Area

19. Waterworks Art Museum

 Miles City, Southeast Montana
As a cultural leader in southeastern Montana, the Museum is a nonprofit organization guided by a philosophy of public service. More Info

20. Tendoy Fine Art

 Dillon, Butte Area

21. Glacier Round House Pottery

 Montana, Glacier Park Area

22. The Clay Studio of Missoula

 Missoula, Missoula Area

23. Zootown Arts Communiity Center

 Missoula, Missoula Area

24. Depot Gallery, Carbon County Historical Society's Museum

 Red Lodge, Red Lodge Area
This outstanding gallery, located in Red Lodge’s original railroad depot at the north end of town has rotating exhibits and sales. More Info

25. AR Workshop Missoula

 Missoula, Missoula Area

26. Brett Thuma Gallery

 Bigfork, Flathead Area

27. Jeff Fleming's Bear Country Gallery

 Missoula, Flathead Area

28. Whitefish Pottery and Stillwater Gallery

 Whitefish, Flathead Area

29. Old Main Gallery & Framing

 Bozeman, Bozeman Area

30. Sandpiper Art and Gift Gallery

 Polson, Flathead Area

31. Stumptown Art Studio & Ceramics Annes

 Whitefish, Flathead Area

32. Sunti World Art Gallery

 Whitefish, Flathead Area

33. Electric Buffalo Gallery

 Bigfork, Flathead Area

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