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National Parks

National Parks

There are a total of 9 National Parks in Montana!

There are a total of 9 National Parks in Montana!




1. Apgar Campground

 Apgar, Glacier Park
Apgar is the largest campground in Glacier National Park.  More Info

2. Bowman Lake Campground

 Glacier Park
Located in the North Fork area of Glacier National Park is Bowman Lake Campground.  There are  46 sites nestled in trees on the shore of the picturesque Bowman Lake. More Info

3. Beaver Creek Campground

 West Yellowstone, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area
At 6,500ft elevation, this campground is located on the eastern end of Earthquake Lake. More Info

4. Avalanche Creek Campground

 Glacier Park
Nestled within Hemlock trees and the old-growth Cedar in the most popular area of Glacier National Park sits the 87 site Avalanche Creek campground.  More Info

5. Baker's Hole Campground

 West Yellowstone, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area
Baker's Hole Campground is located 3 miles northwest of West Yellowstone in the Custer National Forest.  Elevation 6,500ft. More Info

6. Cabin Creek Campground

 West Yellowstone, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area
This campground is located about halfway between Hebgen Reservoir Lake and Earthquake Lake. More Info

7. Colter Campground

 Cooke City-Silver Gate, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area
This campground is located 5.5 miles from the Northeast Entrance to Yellowstone National Park. More Info

8. Rainbow Point Campground

 West Yellowstone, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area
This 84 site campground with 26 electric hookups is adjacent to Grayling Arm of Hebgen Reservoir. More Info

9. Lonesomehurst Campground

 West Yellowstone, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area
This campground is 11 miles west of Yellowstone National Park.  It’s located on the South Fork of Hebgen Reservoir.  More Info

10. Soda Butte Campground

 Cooke City-Silver Gate, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area
Off the 68-mile Beartooth Scenic Byway, are 20 campsites tucked along Soda Butte Creek. More Info

11. Fish Creek Campground

 Glacier Park
Fish Creek campground is the second largest campground in Glacier National Park.  More Info

12. St. Mary Campground

 Glacier Park
There are 148 campsites at St. Mary Campground located on the east side of Glacier National park.  More Info

13. Many Glacier Campground

 Glacier Park
This 109 site campground is one of the most popular in Glacier National Park. Each site has a table and fire ring. More Info

14. Summit Campground

 East Glacier Park Village, Glacier Park Area
This campground straddles the Continental Divide. Each of the 17 sites are equipt with a table and fire ring. More Info

15. Cut Bank Campground

 Glacier Park
This 14 site campground is nestled among trees that make a quiet and peaceful place to camp. More Info

16. Quartz Creek Campground

 Glacier Park
This 7 site primitive campground is the smallest campground in Glacier National Park.  It is located on the northwest side and accessed by the Inside North Fork Road.  More Info

17. Logging Creek Campground

 Glacier Park
There are 7 primitive sites located at one of the smaller campgrounds in Glacier National Park. More Info

18. Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail

 Great Falls, Great Falls Area
It is part of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail commemorating the Lewis and Clark Expedition. More Info

19. Kintla Lake Campground

 Glacier Park
There are 13 primitive sites located in the uppermost northwest section of Glacier National Park near the Canadian border.  More Info

20. Sprague Creek Campground

 Glacier Park
Located on the northeast shore of Lake McDonald lies this small 25 site campground.  Each site with a table and fire ring. More Info

21. Rising Sun Campground

 Glacier Park
Named for the beautiful sunrise views from this campground.  It's located west of St. Mary; halfway along the pristine, picturesque St. Mary Lake. More Info

22. Two Medicine Campground

 Glacier Park
Located 13 miles from East Glacier is the 100 site Two Medicine Campground.  All sites have a table and fire ring. More Info

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