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Ingomar ,Central Montana,Rosebud County

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Location: Ingomar

Upon completion of the Milwaukee Railroad in 1910, Ingomar became a hub of commerce in the area bounded by the Missouri, Musselshell, and Yellowstone Rivers. From Ingomar, horses and wagons carried supplies to the settlers and brought produce back to the community. The railroad promoted the growth of the area by encouraging settlers to use the 1909 Homestead Act to stake 320-acre claims. There was an average of 2500 homestead filings per year in this area between 1911 and 1917.

Ingomar claimed the title of “Sheep Shearing Capital of North America.” Shearing at Ingomar was advantageous because of its vital location on the route between the winter pastures and the free summer grass. From Ingomar, the wool was loaded directly onto the railroad cars without risk of weather damage or delayed delivery to the buyers. Two million pounds of wool a year were shipped from Ingomar during the peak years of the 1910s.

A devastating fire in 1921, drought, and, depression have taken their toll on the area but the original frame school building, Bookman’s store, and the Jersey Lilly Saloon are recognized by the National Register of Historic Places.

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