Lewistown Ghost Town Tour


Gilt Edge Road,Fergus County,Lewistown 59457,Central Montana,Fergus County

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Begin by driving east on Hwy.. 87 approximately 12 miles to the Cheadle turnoff and go north approximately 7 miles to the town of Gilt Edge.

There are several ruins still standing in this town. Probably the most interesting building here is the house of prostitution which still has some of the tattered silk wallpaper hanging. This house is best viewed from the outside looking in as it is in serious decay and a danger to enter. Across the street from the house is an old jail, not much larger than a small horse stall. Legend has it that the notorious Calamity Jane spent a winter here in the late 1890s. There are many accounts of her presence there and a photo of her in the town with Teddy Blue Abbott, author of “We Pointed Them North.”

From there continue on the road through Maiden Canyon. While driving this short but beautiful drive, you can take a side trip up to Judith Peak for a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains and prairie landscapes. From the top, you can see the Snowy Mountains (30 miles south), Little Belts (70 miles southwest), North and South Moccasin Mountains (20 miles west), Highwood Mountains (70 miles west), Bear Paw Mountains (70 miles northwest),

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