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Montana is a state diverse in its geography, culture, and history. From the history of mining and logging in the west, to the tales of the homestead era in the east, it is a land rich in stories of the past. From the western mountain ranges of the Rocky Mountains to the prairies and badlands of the east, it is a land of everchanging scenery. It's here that a culture of ranching and farming blends with a culture of arts and an urban small town lifestyle of it's cities and towns. Montana is huge in it's physical scale, almost 800 miles from the southeast corner to the northwest corner of the state; but small in population with less people in the entire state than are found in most U.S. urban areas with less than a million inhabitants spread across it's vast expanse. Recreation is year round here with a full range of winter activities, ski areas, snowmobile trails, and cross country ski trails, and provides endless opportunities for recreation in the warmer months with world class fishing, hiking and outdoor activities. Your Montana journey starts here.

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On the banks of the Little Missouri River, in the extreme southeast corner of Montana, is the tiny town of Alzada. Settled in the late 1870s by cattle ranchers, the town was established in 1880 under the name of Stoneville, in honor of Louis Stone, who owned a saloon there at the time. There was some confusion, however, because another Montana town had a similar name, so in 1885 the town was renamed Alzada, in honor of Mrs. Alzada Sheldon, the wife a pioneer rancher who came to the area in 1883.

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As you would guess, this area was settled and named by Hollanders. The area is still largely occupied by families of Dutch descent who carry on many of the community-oriented traditions of the old country, including dairy farming.

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Anaconda was founded in 1883 by Marcus Daly, one of the Copper Kings of the area who personally picked this spot for the smelting process because of its ample water and limestone. It is home to the largest smokestack in the world, a remnant of the glory days of mining. 

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John Garvin established the Angela post office in 1913 in the remote flats of eastern Montana. Characterized by cactus and sagebrush, Angela still operates a post office as well as a gas station and general store.

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Once known as the “Biggest Little City in Eastern Montana,” Antelope arrived in Montana with the development of the railroad.  Founded in 1910 by John and Richard Grayson, Antelope was later moved one-half mile north in July 1910 when Isaac Culver acquired land from R. R. Ueland near Antelope Creek, for which the town was named. 

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Situated at Lake McDonald’s south end, Apgar was a small community contained within Flathead County. Named for the Apgar family, the settlement arose in 1895 when Dimon Apgar logged the area’s heavy forests and created a road from Belton to Lake McDonald. 

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