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206 12th Avenue,Shelby 59474,Great Falls Area,Toole County

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This museum is known for its collection of memorabilia from the celebrated Heavyweight Championship in 1923 when Jack Dempsey held off Tommy Gibbons for 15 rounds. Among the interesting items are a model of the arena and a pair of Tommy Gibbons’ gloves, as well as dozens of photos and other artifacts. With a population thought to be around 500, the citizens of Shelby hosted the fight and built a wooden arena to accommodate 40,000 people was built in what is now the west end of town. The fascinating story unfolds through actual documents and photos.

Other room exhibits include the country store, featuring items from the old Gardener store in Devon; a doctor-dentist area; a blacksmith tack area with equipment from the Gold Butte smithy; a school; a bedroom; a parlor; a homestead kitchen; and a room for oil and railroad related items.

The numerous exhibits also feature several early 20th Century room replicas. Open from June through August daily and on Tuesday afternoons the rest of the year.

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