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In the little Swiss town of Einsiedeln lived an aged and holy wood-carver who had great devotion to the Blessed Mother of God. Towards the close of his life, he desired to carve a statue in honor of our Lady. He spent many laborious but happy hours praying as he carved and making each stroke an act of love for Mary, the mother of God. A few days after the statue had been completed, this holy man died. When his friends came to dispose of his belongings, they saw this beautiful statue and, not wishing it to remain the natural brown of the wood, they decided to paint it and then put it in the village church. That evening many neighbors came to the house of the old wood-carver to watch his two friends paint the statue. The face and arms of the child Jesus and his blessed mother were tinted a delicate pink, the robe of the divine child was colored white and Our Lady’s mantle was made blue. When the work was completed all left for their homes. Late the next day the neighbors came to move the statue to the church. Great was their surprise to find that all the paint had fallen in tiny flakes around the foot of the statue and the image of our lady and her divine son was again just as it

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