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Lewis and Clark County,Canyon Ferry 59602,Helena Area,Lewis and Clark County

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This is Montana’s most popular state park offering over 76 miles of shoreline notched with quiet coves perfect for swimming, fishing, and picnics. The lake has 25 recreation and camping areas with boat ramps in many of them. It is one of the most popular lakes in the state for water skiing and sailing. It is also a popular area for watching the migration of eagles in November and December. The lake covers a total of 35,000 acres and is 160 feet deep at the north end. The lake covers an area Lewis and Clark described as a beautiful 10 or 12 miles wide and extending as far upriver as the eye could see. Today, the lake is surrounded by a rich agricultural area. The cottonwood studded valley is one of the more diverse agricultural areas in the state grow- ing hay, grain, sugar beets, seed potatoes, and cattle. The name “Canyon Ferry” originated when John Oakes started ferrying miners and prospectors across the Missouri River Canyon in 1865.

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