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John R. Quigley was a descendent of Montana pioneers. One day he got the bug to carve a monument to his forefathers. While doing that, he decided to carve himself a log and rock village out of the mountain at the top of the Continental Divide. Over a period of ten years, four blockhouses, massive log gates, and buildings grew from the mountainside. His crowning structure was an eighty-seat log and stone non-denomination chapel dedicated to his creator. This he finished in 1957. In 1979, old John passed on. His wife continued to operate the compound as “Frontier Town” until 1992 when she sold it to D. Richard Pegg, a Seattle contractor. As a builder, Pegg felt a kinship with Quigley and promised the widow to preserve and protect the Quigley compound. Pegg had planned to use the compound as a private residence but decided to share his dream home with the public. He did away with the entrance fee and opened the gates to the public. Since the place had received no maintenance, he invested $100,000 in minor renovations “to keep it standing.” Some hard times hit Pegg and he was forced to sell it in 1996. The place deteriorated rapidly out of his custody. In 1998, he re-acquired it and was given a second chance to make good on his promise to the widow Quigley. As of now, Frontier Town is no longer open.

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