Canyon Ferry Scenic Drive


Helena ,Helena Area,Lewis and Clark County

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This tour starts in Helena and heads south on Hwy.. 12/287. The wide-open meadows just before you reach Townsend are home to a herd of antelope that is visible practically anytime. Turn into Townsend on Hwy.. 12 and follow it through town and east until you reach Hwy.. 284. Turn here and follow the road along the eastern shore of the lake. Keep your eye open for St. Joseph’s Canton Church and cemetery which is listed on the National Historic Register. Continue past the dam to York. There are several sapphire mines here. The Spokane Sapphire Mine is open seven days a week. If you wish to dig for gems, check first with the Helena Chamber of Commerce to make arrangements. As you leave York and cross the bridge on 280, watch the dramatic landscape change. Continue on back to Helena.

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