Prairie Dog Town State Park


Greycliff ,Livingston Area,Sweet Grass County

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This 98-acre facility is operated by the Parks Division of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to preserve the black-tailed prairie dog ecosystem for the public’s educational and viewing enjoyment. Protection of this prairie dog town is due to the efforts of Edward Boehm of Livingston, Montana, who spearheaded the efforts to save it as the Interstate Highway was being built. Cooperative efforts by the Nature Conservancy and the Montana Department of Highways also helped preserve the park. Interpretive displays and picnic tables are provided. A day-use fee is charged at the park entrance to support ongoing maintenance. Restrooms are available about 1 mile east. Camping facilities are located at the KOA about 1/4 mile west.


Five species of prairie dogs are native to North America. The black-tailed prairie dog (Cynomys ludovicianus), inhabits Greycliff Prairie Dog Town State Park and is the most common species. These ground-dwelling squirrels live on the plains from southern Canada to northern Mexico. Large prairie dog towns, or colonies, are further divided into coteries. One coterie (the family territory) is usually comprised of one adult male, three to five adult females, and

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