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Old sign:

Fort Connah, the last of the Hudson Bay Co. trading posts established within the present borders of the United States, was built about 1/4 mile east of here. Begun by Neil McArthur in fall 1846, his replacement, Angus McDonald, completed it in 1847. It remained an important trading center for the Flatheads until 1871. The old storehouse is still standing.

Mission Valley was thrown open for settlement in 1910. Prior to that time, it was almost entirely virgin prairie, unplowed, unfenced and beautiful to see. You rode a saddle horse to get places. Some people wish it were still like that.

New sign:

Construction of the last Hudson Bay Trading Post, within the present bord4ers of the United States, was started here in 1846, and was completed in 1847 by Angus McDonald.  Angus originally named the for "Connen" after a river valley in his Scottish homeland, but later changed it to Connah for easier pronuunciation by the Salish, Kootenai, Pend d' Orielle and other Indians in the area.

Fort Connah was built about 1/2 mile east of here and remained an important trading center for the Indians until the U.S. Government forced the British owned company to abandon the post in 1871.  At its height, Fort Connah consisted of only three buildings.  The store house is the only original structure that still survives.

The Mission Valley was thrown open for settlement in 1910.  Prior to that time, it was almost entirely virgin prairie, unplowed, unfenced, and beautiful to see.  You rode a saddle horse to get places.  Some people with it were still like that today.

Many descendants of Angus McDonald still live in the Mission Valley.

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