Montana Population

People come to Montana to get away from city life, not to find it.

A little over 1,000,000 people live in this state, even though it is the fourth largest state area-wise in the U.S. trailing only Alaska, Texas, and California. Montanas largest city, Billings, has only a little over 100,000 residents, translating to six persons per acre of the states 145,556 square miles of land. The entire state of Montana has even been likened to a mid-size American city, each town representing a different neighborhood with a unique personality. Each city and town lends itself to a distinct purpose and all contribute to the diversity that is so harmonious with its terrain.

The contrasting values of independence and neighborliness define the character of a typical Montanan. People here still share stories at cozy roadside saloons as glassy-eyed, stuffed animal heads hover as if monitoring the conversations. And when calling anywhere within Montana you just have to remember one area code, 406, and the entire state is on mountain time.