Montana Quick Facts

Here are a few quick facts about the Treasure State.

Population: (Estimated 2018): 1,062,330

Entered union: November 8, 1889

Capital: Helena

Nickname: Treasure State

Motto: “Oro y Plata”(Gold and Silver)

Bird: Western Meadowlark

Flower: Bitterroot

Song: “Montana”

Stones: Sapphire and Agate

Tree: Ponderosa Pine

Animal: Grizzly Bear

Fish: Blackspotted Cutthroat Trout

Fossil: Maiasaura (Duck-billed Dinosaur)

Land area: 147,046 square miles

Size ranking: 4th

Geographic center: Fergus, 26 miles northeast of Lewistown

Length: 630 miles

Width: 280 miles

Highest point: 12,799 feet (Granite Peak)

Lowest point: 1,820 feet (Kootenai River)

Highest temperature: 117 deg. on July 5, 1937, at Medicine Lake

Lowest temperature: -70 deg. on January 20, 1954, at Rogers Pass